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5 Critical Considerations For Keyword Success

If you want your business to be found in the vast sea of the Internet, you need powerful keywords. When potential customers search online for the... Read More

Case Study: The IEDR Optimise Project

Last month (April 22nd) saw applications close for the Irish Domain Registry (IEDR) Optimise 2016 fund. The €750,000 fund, which is in its sixth year... Read More

Google: SEO Mobile Friendly Update Complete

The enhancement of the mobile-friendly SEO ranking signal on Google is now complete, a Google employee has confirmed! Matrix first shared details of the SEO... Read More

Accelerated Mobile Pages & SEO

With the upcoming mobile-friendly SEO update mere weeks away, there has never been a better time to make your website mobile responsive. However, such is... Read More

Google To Give Mobile-Friendly Sites Another SEO Boost

Google has announced that they will boost the effects mobile-friendliness has on search rankings. The update will happen at the beginning of May and “increases the... Read More

Google Outsmarts Human, Crashes Car Into Bus

Wit and reckless behaviour are traits long associated with the Irish and they're a combination often witnessed around St Patrick's Day; this year even Google... Read More

5 SEO Fails Of An Ecommerce Website

It's common practice for online sellers to assume that simply adding their product listings to their eCommerce website will suffice in terms of attracting instantaneous... Read More

Algorithm Is A Dancer – Google Hummingbird

Do you want to bust the right moves when optimising content for Google's Hummingbird algorithm? We've collated the most reputable best practice guidelines to help... Read More

Breaking Down Our Free SEO Audit

At Matrix Internet, we offer a free SEO Audit to businesses interested in growing the levels of organic traffic going to their website. We run... Read More

Thought Blogging Was Irrelevant For Your Business?…Think Again

Blogging...the name itself seems so boring doesn't it, Then there’s the mundane task of writing these blogs out on a regular basis. It can be... Read More