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Why does your business need a Matrix Internet Digital Healthcheck?

Being present online is not an option anymore: it’s an obligation. This can be done throughout a website, on the most popular social media platforms,... Read More

Top Design Elements for Your Website

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Using Your Website’s ‘About Us’ Page to Engage

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Understanding The Consumer Decision Journey

Our guest contributor this week is Mark Power, a lecturer in Innovation at Maynooth University. Here, Mark talks to us about how understanding the journey process... Read More

Using Microinteractions to Improve User Experience

Mmm.. Is it doing anything? I better click that button ag— GOD DAMN IT!” You know that feeling. It’s just like when you accidentally hit... Read More

Understanding User Experience

User experience is a huge factor in how successful your digital marketing will be.  It refers to how easily visitors can use your website.  It... Read More

Mobile Payment Technology Is Changing the World

Mobile payment technology is becoming more common.  Paying for your purchases or sending money to family via a mobile device is a lot safer and... Read More

What Do Search Engines Want?

The difficulty with search engines is that they never tell you clearly what they precisely want. They hint. You get rewarded when you when you... Read More

New Year’s Resolutions for Your 2017 Digital Marketing Strategy

Do you make New Year’s resolutions for your personal life?  Many of us use the new year as a time to reassess our lives and... Read More

Is Your eCommerce Website Ready for Black Friday?

Traditionally, Americans begin their Christmas shopping in earnest after the Thanksgiving holiday, which is on the fourth Thursday of November.  The Black Friday shopping phenomenon... Read More