Who We Are

A full service digital agency.
We create user experiences that transform your business.

Jeff Founder / Managing Director

Jeff Sheridan

Founder / Managing Director

Tomas Head of Development

Tomas Herink

Head of Development

Inaki Head of Project & Account Management

Iñaki Castellet

Head of Project & Account Management

Michelle Director

Michelle Rafter


Richard Operations Manager

Richard Domegan

Operations Manager

Eanna Lalor Head of Digital Marketing

Eanna Lalor

Head of Digital Marketing

Tom Senior Graphic Designer

Tom Chwiszczuk

Senior Graphic Designer

Charlotte Developer

Charlotte Vial


Peter Menyes Senior Developer

Peter Menyes

Senior Developer

Bernard Hanna Senior Developer

Bernard Hanna

Senior Developer

Ian Morrison SEO Specialist

Ian Morrison

SEO Specialist

Welinton Developer

Welinton Fernandes

UI/UX Designer

Kathy Cahill Finances

Kathy Cahill


Rakky Curvelo Social Media Specialist

Rakky Curvelo

Social Media Specialist

Jade Yeates UI/UX Designer

Jade Yeates

UI/UX Designer

Norman Madden Account Manager

Norman Madden

Account Manager

Łuboš Johanides Full Stack Developer

Łuboš Johanides

Full Stack Developer

Michael O'Flynn UX Business Analyst

Michael O'Flynn

UX Business Analyst

Ruchi Singh SEO Specialist

Ruchi Singh

SEO Specialist

Des McGouran UI/UX Designer

Des McGouran

UI/UX Designer

Mykola Babiy Developer

Mykola Babiy


Lui Shine SEO Specialist

Lui Shine

PPC Specialist

Irene Hislop Content Writer

Irene Hislop

Content Writer

1. Experience Formed in 2000, we are one of the more established digital agencies in Ireland. Your project will be in safe hands with our experienced project managers, web developers, digital marketers and UX experts.
2. Recommended Since our inception we have grown organically, we know that delivering a top class project will lead to another.
3. Balance Our projects have a healthy balance of usability, design and function. Top class user experience drives high conversion rates.
4. Business-Oriented We never forget that your website is there to grow your business and raise your corporate profile. Return on investment ( roi ) is a key consideration.
5. Positive Clients often comment on our enthusiasm, our "can do" attitude. We try to bring a feel-good factor to each project meeting and generate positive energy through creative workshops.
6. Cost-effective We aim to represent good value and to keep fees reasonable. However, we will not compromise on quality of work or service in order match other quotes from suppliers who may not have the same long term ideals as we do.
7. Proactive We don't just respond to your requests, we offer suggestions, advice, ideas. In our opinion, strictly defined briefs product predictable results. We prefer to have a brief which is capable of evolving rapidly.
8. Service We believe that all clients should be treated to excellent service, with courtesy and respect at all times. Regularly, we go above and beyond the call of duty in the best interests of our clients.
9. Long-Term We are established since 2000 and are trusted by our clients including Government Bodies, State Embassies, SMEs and Large Corporates in Europe and the USA.
10. Client Satisfaction Stats show that on average a dissatisfied customer will tell 15 people about their experience while satisfied clients will tell only 5 people. We are experienced enough to know that satisfied clients are crucial to constructive working relationships, recurring business and referral leads.
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since 2000
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