5 Critical Considerations For Keyword Success

If you want your business to be found in the vast sea of the Internet, you need powerful keywords. When potential customers search online for the products or services you offer, using the optimum keywords will get you to the top of the search. That’s where you need to be to thrive.

Are you doing SEO right? How do you know which keywords to use?

  • Avoid keyword stuffing! Content that just repeats the same keywords over and over is worse than boring and unprofessional. Search engines can penalize you for it. Use your long-tail keywords in content that give your target market some useful information about your products or services.
  • Chose specific keywords. Very broad terms such as “gifts” or “cleaning” are too general. Using a key phrase such as “wooden toys” or “auto valet services” will help your website rise above the clutter. These are known as long-tail keywords.
  • Location, location, location! If your business has a geographically specific clientele, include your location and the areas you serve in your key phrase. This is tricky because weaving a key phrase such as “Cork auto valet services” into content that is both readable and valuable to your customer base isn’t easy.
  • Keep current. Topics trend and fade, and the way we talk changes. For example, people might talk about auto valet services for a while but eventually, start to talk more about car interior cleaning. If you add new products or services to your offerings, don’t forget to update your content and include keywords for them.
  • Test and monitor your keywords. This is just like any other form of marketing. You need to set measurable goals and then test to see if you’re hitting those targets or not. If certain keywords aren’t bringing in the right people, you need to change things. Simply getting the page hits isn’t enough – you need to reach the people who will actually buy what you’re selling.

That last one is where it gets tricky and time-consuming. Small to medium business owners and sole proprietors seldom have the time or staff to research how their keywords are performing. You don’t need to have the expertise in-house because Matrix does. We can research how effective your current keywords are and let you know about terms that are most likely to push you up in the search engine results. The SEO and PPC team at Matrix can provide you with a detailed report in just 24 hours.

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