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Matrix Internet Website update

Don’t Let Your Website Look Derelict

We’ve all encountered a house at some point where you can’t tell if anyone lives there or not. It isn’t quite derelict, but there aren’t any signs of life either. The same problem can befall internet real estate. A website that looks old and hasn’t moved on with the times, won’t drive sales. The Internet […]

microinteractions - how animation can help improving user experience

Using Microinteractions to Improve User Experience

Mmm.. Is it doing anything? I better click that button ag— GOD DAMN IT!” You know that feeling. It’s just like when you accidentally hit your headphones’ cord and send them flying off your ears. Or when you get stuck behind a slow walker, and you hear the train arriving at the platform. Sheer exasperation. […]

fundamental web design practices 2017

Fundamental Web Design Practices For 2017

The busy, hyperactive websites of the early 2000s are long gone, and the hyper-minimalist elegance introduced by Apple over ten years ago is here to stay (at least for a while in tech terms). So how do you build a website that both conforms to the industry standard of sophisticated elegance and stands out from […]


The great power of Social Media

Many of us pale and get a little clammy when we start thinking about social media use, especially in a professional context. The power of social media marketing is undeniable – we have all heard of people whose careers have risen out of ashes due to clever social media use, and small businesses whose engaging […]

brochure website

The Importance Of A Brochure Website

If you are not selling over the internet, you might wonder if you really still need a website. After all, you are marketing all over social media and the goal is to get people into your brick and mortar premises. They can’t place an order on your website.  You’ve got all your contact details and opening hours […]

eCommerce retailers - Use of colours

The eCommerce Retailer’s Guide to Using Color

eCommerce is a big business. In the U.S., eCommerce sales are expected to reach $500 billion by the end of 2017; European sales are expected to hit $250 billion by the end of this year, too, which means there’s a lot of online competition. In the past, eCommerce sites were treated with suspicion, but innovations […]

sales funnel

What Is A Sales Funnel?

Small business owners often start out because they have expertise and passion in a particular field.  But to survive, they have to be fast learners.  They must be able to learn about all aspects of running a business and put their new knowledge into action quickly.  Being a wonderful craftsperson or expert isn’t enough.  You […]

website hacks 2016

5 Infamous Web Hacks In 2016

Hacking scandals hit the headlines regularly.  A bank’s website goes down.  An organization is frantically reassuring the public after their database was hacked.  Hacking isn’t a new problem.  Every new advance in communications technology since the telegraph machine has been subject to hacking.  (Yes, there were telegraph hackers!) Hacking isn’t a new problem.  Every new advance in […]


Online Advertising 101: What Works Best?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was one online advertising technique that ticked all the boxes?  Imagine if you could just find that one perfect way to advertise your business online and didn’t need to worry about any other tactics?  An annoying reality prevents this.  People are most responsive when they’ve seen your campaign in […]

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