Social Media Marketing

We’ll do our fair share with a social media strategy that sets trends and reaches a wider target audience, striking the right balance between ad-based and organic approaches.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media

With over a third of the global population on social media, your business can’t afford to ignore the world’s most powerful marketing platforms. We can develop a social media strategy fuelled by inspiring and engaging content that your growing target audience will thank you for sharing.

Through extensive workshops, Matrix will manage your social media presence with a coordinated campaign that boosts your brand awareness and loyalty, while also driving traffic to your site and increasing conversion rates. We will maximise the impact of every promotion, competition and news item. We’ll get you noticed.


Increasing your mentions and impressions is only the start of our commitment. Behind the compelling posts, we’ll pay close attention to your analytics and fine-tune your strategy to optimise results. Between highly targeted data-driven ad campaigns and trending content, we’ll make sure your audience gets involved.

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