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Graphic Design Software: The Big Three


Graphic designers’ biggest pet peeve is receiving artwork that has been created using the wrong piece of design software. This could range from making a logo on Photoshop instead of Illustrator or putting together a booklet using Illustrator instead of InDesign, which results in either low quality resolution, slow editing and much more.

As a beginner it can be overwhelming using multiple softwares at once, so the majority focus on becoming an expert in one of the three platforms. This can lead them to perform tasks  that is only possible to complete on other software. This blog will give you a breakdown of the instances you can use each of the Adobe suits.


Adobe Illustrator is a vector based drawing program, mostly used by illustrators to create logos, brands, logotypes, invitations and illustrations. It is primarily used to design vector graphics that require to be scaled for print but still maintain their resolution.

Although it is possible to create brochures and newsletters, Illustrator does not have a master page which makes your life easier when numbering pages and creating a common theme. You will still be able to use multiple artboards to create separate pages. This function is only used to create short page brochures or multiple PDF pages.


To put it simply, Photoshop is used to edit and create photos. It is a pixel based program. It was originally used as a photograph enhancing program. Today the uses for photoshop have grown considerably. Since so many users were creating websites, banner ads, fonts and much more, Adobe incorporated all these tools and features to help designers create visuals for print and web.

Because of the large amount of tutorials, people feel that it is the only tool they need. One of the main tutorials are about creating logos on Photoshop, which is not a good idea. Photoshop uses pixels and if you use it for your design, it will not be able to be enlarged or manipulated.


The prime function for InDesign is for laying out printed artwork. This can range from posters, flyers, newspapers, brochures, magazines, business cards and books. Graphic designers and production artists use this software to layout and create material which has a common theme running across all pages or pages that are repeated.

The purpose of InDesign is to merge the visuals from Photoshop and Illustrator onto a single platform which makes the editorial process much simpler. It is possible to create booklets and newsletters in Illustrator and Photoshop but what Indesign does is package everything for you. Packaging is having all your fonts and visuals used in your design, embedded in your file, so as to send theses files to the printers in a much simpler and cleaner way.

I hope this gave you an idea of what the Adobe Suite is all about. If you need any graphic, UX or web design, contact us today!

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