Why does your business need a Matrix Internet Digital Healthcheck?

Being present online is not an option anymore: it’s an obligation. This can be done through a website, on the most popular social media platforms, a blog with constant updates or even a mobile application. But more than merely setting up a landing page and a Facebook profile, your brand needs to convey your story, values, and unique selling points, and keep up to date in this continually evolving digital world. Sounds overwhelming?


That’s exactly where our Matrix Internet Digital Healthcheck comes in.


What’s a Digital Healthcheck?

Matrix Internet has developed a Digital Healthcheck, a unique way to look at all aspects of your digital presence and report what’s working well and what needs improvement. It includes a full analysis of nine main areas of your digital presence, with the best recommendations to move your business forward. 

1 – Branding: a unique and engaging brand is the foundation of any strong marketing campaign. In our Digital Healthcheck, we will look carefully at how your brand is exposed to the digital world, checking positioning, strategy, clarity of brand messaging and a comparison with key competitors.

2 – Web design: here, you will find recommendations on the consistency of your brand, design implementation from online to print, the quality of your communications material and quality of content, both written and visual.

3 – User experience: at this section, you will find our analysis in regards to information architecture, user journey, navigation, and call-to-actions, among others, within specific recommendations on how to plan your customer interactions in a fluid manner.

4 – Mobile: more and more people are accessing the internet on their mobiles and tablet devices. websites should be fully responsive to function correctly on phones and devices. This section of our Digital Healthcheck recommends the best practices involving this area and evaluates the website’s current stat.

5 – Content Marketing: compelling content is hugely beneficial in converting visitors to sales. With our full analysis, you will receive recommendations on the tone of voice and organisation, for text copy/written text, video and graphic/imagery.

6 -E-commerce functionality: here, we will review your website product mark-up/rich snippets, functionalities, technical support/SSL certificate, post-sales process, and backend integration/EPOS;

7 – Coding: a full analysis of your choice of content management system, security practices, amount of code on your pages and standards that need to be followed, both on desktop and mobile/tablet devices.

8 – Search engine optimisation (SEO): our specialists analyse areas such as Google Analytics tracking code, page titles, meta descriptions, and alt tags, with custom-fit opportunities that might be missing and tips on online tools and solutions that can be applied to improve your online presence.

9 – Social media: a complete analysis of your profile on the essential platforms relevant to your business (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, among others) and share tailored recommendations on how to use the most recent solutions that each channel offers to reach a broad audience.

10 – Email Marketing: last but not least, we will deep dive into your campaigns, making sure that your template, creative personalisation, list segmentation and tone of voice are sharpened to reach your audience.  

Matrix Internet Digital Healthcheck

looks deeply at how your business is presented and what opportunities are being missed to develop the brand’s image and appeal. More than just insightful reports, our Digital Healthcheck also offers detailed recommendations for you to get measurable results.

Curious about how our Digital Healthcheck can work for your business? Drop us an email at sales@matrixinternet.ie to get yours and understand our solutions.

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