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Why does your business need a Matrix Internet Digital Healthcheck?

Being present online is not an option anymore: it’s an obligation. This can be done through a website, on the most popular social media platforms,... Read More

How To Optimise Your Social Media Presence for Sales

Your Social Media presence for sales is continuously evolving: from the way that users interact with brands on the platform, to the algorithm changes that... Read More

The Success of The Happy Pear: A Case Study

The Happy Pear seem to be everywhere! Their quirky and playful Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook presence won the Bord Bia Digital Marketing back in 2013,... Read More

Don’t Let Your Website Look Derelict

We’ve all encountered a house at some point where you can’t tell if anyone lives there or not. It isn’t quite derelict, but there aren’t... Read More

Is Your Brand Image Working?

Are your sales figures fulfilling? Is your customer base expanding?  If so, that’s fantastic.  You’re doing something right.  But if you are worried that your... Read More

Go Car Upgrades Fleet and UX

Luxurious user experience Matrix Internet team members had a great time celebrating the launch of our client Go Car Ireland’s new electric BMWs this month. ... Read More

Should Your Brand Take a Stand?

For generations, advertisers mostly followed the standard social etiquette and didn’t talk about politics or religion.  Is that changing?  In the USA, Ben & Jerry’s... Read More

Can We Learn Anything from the Latest iPhone Design?

The iPhone 7 was launched and is now available to pre-order in Ireland. It doesn’t feature any game changers for digital marketing but is interesting... Read More

5 Ways Small Businesses Can Grow Their Twitter Following

Large established companies can accumulate a massive amount of followers on Twitter in no time, it’s nowhere near that simple for small businesses, however. It... Read More

Build your brand using Twitter

Twitter is a social media platform that has become an integral part of building a brand. With its wide reach and ability to create engagement... Read More