The Success of The Happy Pear: A Case Study

The Happy Pear seem to be everywhere. Their quirky and playful Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook presence won the Bord Bia Digital Marketing back in 2013, 2015 and 2017.  From headstands to avocados, how did The Happy Pear use their Social Media presence to be become so successful? They have a worldwide audience and fans who are willing to line up around the block to eat in their cafés.

The Happy Pear, for those who do not know, are twin brothers from Wicklow. They wanted to ‘start a healthy food revolution’ and decided to open up a green grocer in Greystones. Three cookbooks later, they have become renowned Social Media experts. 

What Can We Take From The Happy Pear and Their Social Media?

  • Use Storytelling As A Tool

    The Happy Pear’s marketing strategy was built on making content and storytelling central to their movement. They continue to push forward consistent messages of family, community and the importance of fiber. They aren’t shy to show via Snapchat or Instagram Stories what a typical day in the life of a pear. These stories are engaging, entertaining and memorable. Use your Social Media platforms to reach out to your followers. Do not be shy to give them a glimpse into your brand or business. Storytelling is a great marketing tool that you could be using for your strategy.

  • Post Regularly

    Want your Social Media presence to grow organically and consistently? You’ll need to post regularly. Regular content is what keeps followers coming back. From their early morning swims, to what they eat in a day, to local events in their shop- you can see the lives of The Happy Pear on Instagram Stories and Snapchat. They use Youtube to show off their newest recipes and what they eat on their travels. Facebook and Twitter have regular giveaways for fans. Creating an atmosphere of fun not only helps attract followers but helps with retention as well. With Social Media scheduling tools like Hootsuite, it is easier than ever to make a consistent and regular posting schedule for your pages.

  • Do What You Love

    From the beginning of their Social Media journey, the messaging and branding ethos for The Happy Pear has been the same. They want their followers to live a healthy and happy lifestyle surrounded by community. Sharing an authentic message across all platforms not only gives your brand direction but makes your Social Media presence look more genuine.

The Happy Pear have successfully grown their followers to over 800,000 and continue to share their message globally. It takes effort and consistency, alongside passion and good content to create a platform like theirs. Think about engagement and what message you’d like to share with your followers. Take a page out The Happy Pear’s book to raise engagement, increase traffic to your website and encourage conversions.

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