5 Ways Small Businesses Can Grow Their Twitter Following

Large established companies can accumulate a massive amount of followers on Twitter in no time, it’s nowhere near that simple for small businesses however.

It can seem near impossible to attract followers when the world doesn’t know you exist.

Twitter is a huge network and it does take a lot of effort to get noticed.There are however a number of simple ways to build a sizable Twitter following in a short period of time.

Fully Update Your Profile

The first thing people check out on your profile is weather you’re genuine or not, always fill in your description and location details with information relevant to your business.Add in both required display images so the profile is aesthetically pleasing.

A well presented profile will say a lot about your business and ultimately your brand image, this is always key to attracting new followers.

Use Relevant #Hashtags

This is as straightforward as it sounds, always use hashtags that tie into the product and service that you’re trying to promote. For example if you are a restaurant in New York you would use tags such #goodfood #NYC.

The more relevant the tags the better; it enables people to find your page more efficiently and encourage them to interact and follow your tweets and account. Don’t be afraid to create your own hashtags also once they stay relevant to what your business is marketing.

Add A Follow Button To Your Website

When people visit your website it is usually because they are interested in your business , in order to keep them engaged it is essential that you provide a call to action button on your website that link to all your Social Media accounts.

It represents a great way for the audience share content such as blogs and news items directly from your website which is another good way to entice new followers.

Engage Back With The Audience

Twitter is all about engagement, be it through comments, re-tweets or favorites. If you are tweeting regularly you should always try to respond back to any comments or queries that the audience may leave on your tweets.

Using the personal touch will attract followers and encourage feedback, always try to be as helpful and courteous in your replies. Showing this level of respectful engagement will encourage followers to flock to your account.

Regularly Tweet Quality Content

A lot of businesses just put up any old stuff trying to attract followers to their site.This could be old news items or reheated blogs. This could lead to the audience growing tired of your tweets and unfollowing your account all together.

Always tweet fresh quality content, the more interesting the better. This means regular blog updates, information about special offers and events and general news. If you are providing this kind of content on a daily basis you will get a lot of re-tweets and favorites, this in turn will attract a lot more followers to your site.

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