Go Car Upgrades Fleet and UX

Matrix Internet team members had a great time celebrating the launch of our client Go Car Ireland’s new electric BMWs this month.  Go Car is a perfect example of how innovative technology can help us transform the way we live.  Go Car offers electric car rental as an environmentally and financially friendly alternative to car ownership in Dublin and Cork.  Their fleet just got more luxurious with the new BMWi3 cars, and Matrix  overhauled their entire system for a more luxurious user experience.

We created an app for them so that customers can book a car from their smart phones. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Go Car Ireland, like any successful company, grew a lot over the years.  They outgrew their previous system, and their customers began using their technology differently.  It was time to get everyone back on the same page with a custom system to accommodate their unique combination of needs.

Alarmingly Good UX

Go Car Ireland now has a whole fleet of alerts.  If a car is left in the wrong location, our system alerts them.  If a car needs to be charged up, our system alerts them.  They can even open cars do other tasks remotely, saving the staff considerable time.  The mobile app has made the whole process of booking a car easier and more streamlined.  One of our big concerns at Matrix is user experience (UX), and we worked hard with Go Car to ensure the best experience for their customers.  Of course, we can’t take any credit for the brilliant idea of renting electric cars.  In a densely populated city with many older homes without driveways, renting an electric car when you need one instead of buying a car is sheer genius.  We’re proud to have made the process easier for customers and our friends at Go Car.

Many companies start out with a boilerplate website with the basic functions they need and their own visuals.  Over time, as the business grows, the target audience becomes more focused and clearly defined.  Certain functions become obsolete, and new ones replace them.  The company grows to a point where the old system is holding it back.  That’s when it’s time to call us.  Wait, you can actually call us before then!  At any point in your company’s growth when you realize your system is no longer ideal, we’re happy to step in.  We can work with you to create exactly what your company needs to best serve your customers.

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