Is Your Brand Image Working?

Are your sales figures fulfilling?  Is your customer base expanding?  If so, that’s fantastic.  You’re doing something right.  But if you are worried that your company is not pulling down the sales you need, something could be wrong.

If you are confident the product or service you offer is top quality and you have a detailed marketing strategy, it could be that something is off with your brand image.  You might even need to rebrand entirely.

Your product and your brand image can suffer a disconnect over time.  Your offerings have probably evolved as your business has grown and you’ve learned more about what people want.  But does your brand image reflect the current line of products or services you offer?  If you haven’t re-evaluated your brand image as you’ve evolved your products, you might have a disconnect.  And that means you might not be reaching the people you most want to reach.

Attracting the Right Customers

If your product is selling, should you worry about who is buying?  Well, you shouldn’t sit up at night fretting, but you do want to reach your ideal customer.  If your brand is drawing an audience that isn’t your ideal customer base, you aren’t going to close as many sales.  It’s fine to sell to anyone.  But if you focus on your ideal customer profiles and develop your brand image to reach them, you will have a high rate of conversions.

If your brand is speaking to people who are not the most likely to buy from you, that’s simply inefficient.  If your branding and overall marketing strategy pull in the people who are most likely to purchase from you – and also most likely to identify with your brand and share your social media – that’s going to result in more sales.  And that’s the whole point, isn’t it?

Don’t assume it’s your brand image if your sales are sagging.  You need to do some research and see what is really going on.  Ask yourself some questions.  Are your paying customers who you expected them to be?  Does a segment of your market – or the majority of it – surprise you?  Are the people who are buying your product also sharing your social media?  Rebranding is a huge job.

Don’t enter it lightly.  But if something feels off about your sales, do some research about your actual customers and how they relate to your brand.  If they aren’t who you have in mind when you created your brand, something has missed the mark and it might pay off to rebrand.

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