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Social Media vs. Email Marketing: When to Use Each

Small and medium businesses have so many ways to reach out to their target market today.  It isn’t always clear which way is the best.  When should you reach out via social media, and when should you send an email?  It depends on a few things.  Social media and email are both important tools in […]


Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark Social

Dark social sounds ominous.  It sounds like the title of a spy thriller or the theme for a school disco.  It would make a great name for an emo band.  But it is really something that you probably do every day.  Have you ever read an article online, decided one person you know would love […]


Keeping Your Blog Ethical and Transparent

Ireland’s Advertising Standards Authority has announced new guidelines for blogging ethics.  They are concerned about bloggers who review products without disclosing that they are paid or otherwise compensated for doing so.  Under the proposed guidelines, such posts must be clearly labelled as marketing content.  This is not a big change for most bloggers because they already […]


How to Engage Visitors with Video on Your Website

We’re seeing more and more video on websites, and it is getting easier and easier to create good quality videos for very little money.  So how can you use video on your website to engage your visitors?  Like everything, the trick is to think strategically.  Don’t make a video simply for the sake of keeping […]

cyber monday

Preparing Your Cyber Monday Strategy

Arguably the busiest shopping day of the year will occur on this week (Nov 25th), as retail owners all over the country brace themselves for Black Friday. This is a day that retail workers dread and shop owners love as shoppers descend on their stores in their droves looking  pre-Xmas bargains. However, for those that […]


What Does It Take to Work from Home Besides High-Speed Broadband?

Once upon a time, working from home was normal.  Farmers often work from home, after all.  Shopkeepers, bakers, doctors and publicans often lived above their premises.  Craftsmen didn’t rent out studios in town; they made things at home.  The technological innovation of the industrial revolution sent people out to work in big factories.  Could today’s […]


Top 5 Illustrator tools

  This follow up, to our “Graphic Design Software: The Big Three” blog, will dive into more detail in each of the three major Adobe Suite. This week we wanted to give you a brief insight of five of the most widely but indispensable tools used when starting off with Illustrator. Illustrator, for those who […]

snapchat parents

Are Parents Moving Over To Snapchat?

Those who set up their Facebook account  over five years ago will remember the heady days when the majority of the demographic was aged between 16-30. Facebook used to be cool, it used to be young & hip community strictly for a youthful generation. A place where young people could: interact with their friends, classmates […]

Audience Overlap_resixe

Improve Your Facebook Marketing With Audience Overlap

Facebook’s Audience Overlap allows you to learn more about the people who make up your custom audiences on the platform. This tool can be used to compare custom audiences against one another, thereby revealing information which can help you to make better, more informed decisions on where to focus ad targeting and conversion efforts. Insights […]

pinterest marketing

Why SMEs Should Use Pinterest For Seasonal Marketing

With the festive season fast approaching many small business are preparing plans to capitalize on the Christmas market by using social media. The question is however, which channels are the most effective for reaching a seasonal audience? While large companies can afford to plough a seemingly endless budget into their online holiday campaigns, small and […]

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