How To Write LinkedIn Posts That 86% of Connections Will Click

Back in 2014, LinkedIn announced that the professional networking platform would open up their publishing platform, Pulse to the public. Pulse is LinkedIn’s version of a personalised news feed. It allows users to see the biggest headlines and read top industry news of the day. In 2017, the standalone Pulse app was retired.

LinkedIn Pulse posts now appear directly in the users’ LinkedIn feed. They help you and your business get noticed by like-minded professionals and peers. Informative posts on LinkedIn are an effective way of building credibility and trust and establishing yourself as an expert and thought leader.

Whenever you publish a new post on LinkedIn, your network will get notified in real time. A frequent posting strategy will not only help your brand identity, but will also increase the chances of your content being distributed to the LinkedIn Trending feed, and being recommended to a wider audience.

In this blog post we will look at some of the key elements that will help maximise the potential of your LinkedIn post.

It’s all in the LinkedIn title

Unsurprisingly, the title of your topic will make or break your post. You could have the best content in your industry, but without a catchy title, your post has no “shareable” value.

How-to posts and List posts perform extremely well on LinkedIn. Also, try to keep them short and snappy – something under 50 characters.

It might sometimes feel easier to write broadly on subjects that you are comfortable with. According to a study conducted by Marketing Experiments, the more hyper-targeted your title is, the likelihood of it being read increases.

Make images work for you

Images are an important part of social media. According to Noah Kahan, 8 is the magic number when it comes to LinkedIn posts. They found that adding eight images “in one blog post is associated with a greater number of LinkedIn shares, likes, comments, and views.”

Also, according to the seminal 2005 study by researchers at Caltech, humans are hardwired to respond to faces. Even a cursory look at the top Pulse posts will show that the most popular posts come with an image featuring a human. While this is not the only factor that will determine the success of your post, it is a simple way to get your post noticed.

Post original content

While it goes without saying that plagiarism will harm your credibility, it’s important to write original content. Being a content producer instead of a content curator will get you the highest level of engagement. What we mean by this is, do not just share other people’s content on LinkedIn. Instead, actively try to position yourself as a leader in an industry by creating your own relevant content.

Share on other social media platforms

Use the Pareto Principle that essentially infers that there’s an 80-to-20 relationship between effects and their causes. Since this principle transcends disciplines, it’s often used in content marketing. Use 80% of your time disseminating your content and only 20% of your time for creating the content.

Using the #LinkedInPulse tag on Twitter can also be extremely effective in reaching interested audience.

To garner more exposure, you could also cross post on Medium. However, to maintain your SEO credibility, do not just copy-paste the same content on all these platforms. On Medium, you need to “import” your story. This automatically gives you rel=canonical link, meaning that it tells Google that your blog is the original source and not Medium.

In the long run, the higher the number of likes on your LinkedIn post has, the more shares, post views, and comments will it get.

Improve your personal LinkedIn profile

Since you will post on LinkedIn through your personal profile, it’s important to have a large audience of first-degree connection. It’s equally important to have quality connections – it’s not just about numbers.

Get featured on channels

LinkedIn has a number of channels including those for Leadership & Management, Big Ideas & Innovation, Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Social Media.Aim to get your content featured on one of these channels. While this is one of the most difficult part of the journey, it pays to work towards this goal.

Optimising your content for search will also help you reach more people. If you think your post has what it takes, don’t be afraid to send a tweet to “tip @LinkedInEditors.” While this does not guarantee that your article will be featured, it does increase the odds.

To round off, the success of content marketing is dependant on a variety of factors. There is no sure-fire way of ensuring that your LinkedIn post goes viral. However, with the above tips, you should be well on your way to fashion yourself as a LinkedIn influencer in your industry.

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