Twitter Ads: the good, the bad and the branding!

Are you thinking of advertising on Twitter?

Twitter is the most powerful social media platform for tapping into real-time global conversations and trends – so it’s also an essential tool for a dynamic business. Through Twitter Ads, you can enhance your brand image and boost results and conversions. The platform is also great for a business to build its brand image, benefiting from its Ads, enhance results and get conversions. If you already have an organic presence and want to learn how to advertise on Twitter, then tweet yourself to our handy guide. Let’s first check out what kind of advertisement you can create through your Twitter account (unless it is too much of a birden, of course!).

Twitter Ad types

Twitter divides its Ad types into three categories:

  • Awareness: ‘Reach’ Ads fall into this category. Use this approach to amplify a tweet that is already getting good results organically, by increasing its reach among people who are likely to follow you or enjoy your content. You can also use this type of ad to promote tweets only to your audience, guaranteeing they will see it.
  • Consideration: This series of Ad types helps people discover and consider your brand the next time they need a product or service you offer. Ads that fit this category include video views, app installation, engagement, increased website views and followers.
  • Conversation: These are ‘App re-engagement’ Ads, that help you reach people who already have your app installed. Re-engagement ads ask the user to perform an action, such as a software update or filling out a form with new information. 

Twitter Ads Targeting

Similar to Facebook, you can promote tweet campaigns based on interests and demographics, choosing keywords and specific locations. A functional differential is that you can target people with similar interests to your current followers, people who follow accounts related to yours or even people who use distinct hashtags. Once you define your specifications, Twitter offers an option to use these specifications to broaden your audience. However, here’s a wise tip: most of the time, less is more. 

Twitter Ads Pricing 

Once you define your budget for each campaign, Twitter will calculate the number of people your ad campaign will reach, based on your budget and target audience. This will help you decide on suitable budget allocation for each ad. Twitter also offers a series of guidelines on pricing, to answer questions you may have on maximising a return on your investments. 

Create a Twitter Ad in four easy steps: 

  1. Visit ads.twitter.com or, log in your account and click “More” > “Twitter Ads”;
  2. Choose your objective. Use the list above as a reference, and in case you need more information, Twitter summarises each type of ad, so you have all the info at hand; 
  3. Define your campaign’s budget, target audience and the tweet (or tweets). You can use content you’ve already posted, or create new tweets. 
  4. Review, approve, and you’re ready to go! 

These tips should help get you started, but if you want an even greater competitive edge, give us a shout and we’ll help you reach your targets. Our Digital Marketing team is ready!

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