Keep an active online presence during the Covid-19 pandemic

You may have read the above headline thinking you’ve more important things to worry about right now. But since we’re all practising some level of self-isolation, this could be the perfect time to focus on tasks that we normally push to the back of the queue, and often forget. But one thing never changes in modern business — it’s essential to make time to maintain and improve your digital presence. 

At Matrix, we are taking all precautions possible to guarantee the safety of our team, while offering our full services without disruption. We have also been working closely with each one of our customers to keep their brands relevant and active, even when conversions or sales are lower than usual. 

We believe that sales are a key part of any company, but brand visibility and client relationships are the foundation of any business. That said, here are the reasons why you should keep an active online presence during the COVID-19 pandemic:  


  • Website and blog — out of sight, out of mind: An up-to-date website and blog is essential to stay relevant. If that’s true in regular times, it’s even more important during a pandemic or a downturn in the economy. If your customers are also on lockdown, how will they initially try to get information on your company? They will Google your business or visit your website. And if customers can’t find information quickly about your current working hours or whether or not you’re delivering your products, you could be losing clients. 

    People judge books by their covers! If your last blog post is from 2017, then new leads can also make incorrect assumptions about your business. Set aside time to organise a blog post and a banner on your website to give your customers clear information about your business during these unprecedented times. It won’t take long and it will generate extra sales.

  • If you can’t say it in person, make social media shout it for you: When you can’t open your physical store, your restaurant, your clinic or your office, be proactive and stay in touch with clients and followers on social media. Reassure clients that you’re still here for them, and communicate your latest news and company updates through social media platforms. Remember that interaction is the key —  if they don’t hear from you, they won’t think about you. 
  • Tune up your SEO: Searches are measurable and they can bring you revenue if your website is optimised for it. So in economic downtimes, when every single penny is important, make sure your customer can find your site with zero hassle. 

    Now is the perfect time to review your website, making sure keywords related to your business are up to date, and your meta-descriptions and content are fresh and ready for customer search queries. You won’t regret it, we promise! 

  • An email a day keeps the silence away: email is the only marketing technique that delivers a better return on investment than search engine marketing, through an opt-in email list. It is also a powerful tool to entice people and keep current clients up to date with your offers. Of course, an opt-in email list doesn’t just fall from the sky. 

    This might be the perfect time to work on that old email marketing campaign and ask people if they still want to continue receiving updates about your company. To prove you’re being proactive, include essential information on your company and your COVID-19 strategies — the schedule planned for each update and all possible offers you can guarantee during this time.Be conscious, careful and supportive in your message, and you’ll leave a lasting impression on clients.

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising during a pandemic: This is tricky. Your thoughts may be primarily focused on conserving your budget and ditching strategies that you think aren’t vital. You may think you can simply restart your Google Ads campaign as soon as this crisis ends. But things aren’t that simple. As explained in this interesting blog post from PPC Hero, news headlines affect the performance of your ads, so a safe choice during this period of uncertainty is to be extra strategic. 

    Even if your product or service is not related to any industry directly selling face masks, hand sanitiser or home office products, your ads will be, more or less, impacted by it. So, a PPC expert will be able to advise you on a tailored strategy. And guess what? Our team is brilliant on that!.

With all the above in place, we want to assure you that Matrix is here for you. We know this is a challenging time for any business, and we are also dealing with all the challenges of working from home and feeling insecure about the safety of our loved ones. But as a united international team, we believe Ireland and the rest of the world will overcome these difficulties, and we’ll be back to our regular lives again soon. 

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