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fully responsive website

What Is a Fully Responsive Website?

If you’ve been looking around to see what web designers are excited about doing these days, you have probably noticed a lot of us are proud to tell you about the fully responsive websites we’ve designed.  So you might be asking yourself what is a fully responsive website and wondering why do you need one? […]

social tone

How To Cultivate The Social Tone Of Your Brand

If you plan on using Social Media as part of your brand’s online strategy, then it’s crucial that you develop the right social tone from the very start. Social media offers your audience a valuable insight into the personality of your company and can go a long way towards building a strong relationship with your […]

impulsive social media

Hope for Impulsive Social Media Users

The world has a growing awareness of the dangers of posting to social media when your head isn’t in the game.  It’s so easy to fire off a quick post when you are tired or irritable and regret it. Most of us have had a moment of poor judgment on social media and had to […]


Driving Bargain Hunters to Your Site

Everyone loves a bargain.  So when we say you need to drive bargain hunters to your website, we don’t mean you should be marketing to tightwads who are loathed to spend any money.  We mean you should strive to attract those people who have a clear need and want to get a bargain on the […]

business newsletter

Should Your Business Have a Newsletter?

Not every business needs a newsletter.  But for some businesses, a newsletter is a powerful and effective part of their digital marketing strategy.  A quality newsletter can deepen audience engagement, boost brand awareness and increase sales. What would a newsletter do for your company?  Would it achieve those benefits or would it just take up […]

adwords tips

Google AdWords On A Moderate Budget

It is an easy misconception to associate Google AdWords with big businesses, high budgets, and increased marketing costs. The truth is however, that pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is an accessible feature for all types of companies. In fact, a successful campaign is achievable even using the most moderate of budgets. Of course, this requires a strong level […]

Android O

Android O Is on the Way!

Later this year, you and your website visitors will have even more power and functionality available to you.  Google has announced some intriguing details about the new Android O, which they expect to release in August or September.  (Guess what’s going to the top of everyone’s Christmas list this year!)  The new operating system might […]

brand image

Is Your Brand Image Working?

Are your sales figures fulfilling?  Is your customer base expanding?  If so, that’s fantastic.  You’re doing something right.  But if you are worried that your company is not pulling down the sales you need, something could be wrong. If you are confident the product or service you offer is top quality and you have a […]

data privacy

Data Privacy: Getting It Right

Data about your potential customers is marketing gold.  You need it to succeed.  But you have to get it and use it the right way.  Abusing your access to a prospect’s data has a high price – legal consequences and a seriously annoyed person who might rant about you to the whole online universe.  Obviously, you […]

st patricks day

Mind Your Language This St Patrick’s Day!

St Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and Seachtain Na Gaeilge is in full swing. SnaG is 17 days of celebrating Irish language in the run up to St. Patrick’s Day. It’s a great time to get your Irish on, and use a bit of your cúpla focal on social media promoting your business. […]

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