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How To Cultivate The Social Tone Of Your Brand

If you plan on using Social Media as part of your brand’s online strategy, then it’s crucial that you develop the right social tone from... Read More

Google Street View Turns 10

For a solid decade now, Google Street View has been helping us get where we’re going.  It’s helped us arrive at our holiday destinations, dental... Read More

DCU Is Making STEM Child’s Play

Science, technology, engineering and maths aren’t the easiest subjects on the school curriculum, but they are critical.  And Dublin City University is teaming up with... Read More

Are Self-Driving Cars Going Too Far?

Of all the wacky inventions our grandparents imagined in the future, the self-driving car probably seemed the most outrageous.  And yet, it is cruising toward... Read More

Google Results to Differ for Mobile and Desktop

Google is preparing changes to better serve mobile users, but will it leave desktop users behind?  The internet giant has been dropping hints about this... Read More

Survey Says: Irish Love Smartphones

Irish customers appear to love paying with their smartphones, as much as anyone can love paying. Visa just released the results of a survey of... Read More

Matrix Internet Turns Sweet Sixteen!

At the turn of the century, one man set out designing amazing websites and called his company Matrix Internet.  Today, Matrix is thriving as one... Read More

What Does It Take to Work from Home Besides High-Speed Broadband?

Once upon a time, working from home was normal.  Farmers often work from home, after all.  Shopkeepers, bakers, doctors and publicans often lived above their... Read More

Why Have Sam When You Can Have SIRO?

Mayo didn’t get to take Sam home this year, but they might be cheered up a bit by Enda Kenny’s announcement that Castlebar is one... Read More

Matrix Internet Shifted to HTTPS – Should You?

Did you think your website address started with the letters ‘www’?  Think again.  Do you know the difference betwwen HTTP and HTTPS?  In marketing terms,... Read More