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dcu lego

DCU Is Making STEM Child’s Play

Science, technology, engineering and maths aren’t the easiest subjects on the school curriculum, but they are critical.  And Dublin City University is teaming up with Lego to make them more fun for children around Ireland.  DCU has launched their new Lego Education Innovation Centre at the Institute of Education at their St. Patrick’s campus in […]

guest blogging

The Benefits Of Guest Blogging

Providing blog articles for another blog and inviting others to write for your blog offers many benefits.  With the right match, it is a true win-win.  That’s something to keep in mind if you are considering inviting someone to write a post for your blog.  They benefit too.  It’s more than an ego boost to […]


Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

Pull up a crystal ball and join us for a review of what lies ahead in the new year.  We can’t make any guarantees, and no one knows when some new genius idea will go mainstream. But looking at the latest developments and demands in digital marketing, we’ve spotted a few things on the horizon […]

cyber monday

Is Your Ecommerce Website Ready for Black Friday?

Traditionally, Americans begin their Christmas shopping in earnest after the Thanksgiving holiday, which is on the fourth Thursday of November.  The Black Friday shopping phenomenon has gone global now, and shoppers will be on a shopping binge on the high street and the internet.  They’ll shop until they drop… or until your site crashes. Are […]

cyber monday

Preparing Your Cyber Monday Strategy

Arguably the busiest shopping day of the year will occur on this week (Nov 25th), as retail owners all over the country brace themselves for Black Friday. This is a day that retail workers dread and shop owners love as shoppers descend on their stores in their droves looking  pre-Xmas bargains. However, for those that […]

secure your website

3 Simple Steps to Securing Your Website

Once you have your website just right and it’s doing exactly what you need, you can stop worrying about the design and start worrying about security.  Having your site down has an obvious impact on sales.  Beyond that, it hurts your reputation.  No matter what caused the shutdown, it undermines your audience’s trust in you. […]


Argh! Dell Warns Against Pirates

Just when you thought the last of the pirates had shaken you down for treats, Dell has issued a reminder that the real creeps never stop trick or treating.  Any day of the year, you could get an email with a link or attachment that looks like quite a treat – but isn’t.  Of course […]


Is Time on Your Side?

We’ve hit that part of the year when time seems to go faster.  We have less daylight, and somehow it seems we have fewer hours in the day.  The end of the year is on the horizon, and really, how often do you hear anyone calmly saying everything is under control and on schedule?  We […]


Google Results to Differ for Mobile and Desktop

Google is preparing changes to better serve mobile users, but will it leave desktop users behind?  The internet giant has been dropping hints about this for months.  At a recent tech conference, Google signalled that it will move to offering two sets of search results – one for mobile users and another for desktop users. […]

go car ireland

Go Car Upgrades Fleet and UX

Matrix Internet team members had a great time celebrating the launch of our client Go Car Ireland’s new electric BMWs this month.  Go Car is a perfect example of how innovative technology can help us transform the way we live.  Go Car offers electric car rental as an environmentally and financially friendly alternative to car […]

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