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halloween ideas

5 Halloween ideas to make your digital marketing spooktacular!

Aaaahhh, Halloween! That ghostly part of the year when we all get excited by the thought of trick or treats, scary decorations, loads of barmbrack and, of course, monstrous puns. Ireland, as the place where the holiday originates from, is no different. Although it’s connected with the Samhain Celtic tradition, when the end of the […]


3 Tips to Get Your Email Newsletter Read

A newsletter is a staple of an email marketing campaign, and if you get it right, people do want to read them.  But what is right? What is it that actually gets people to open that email and read that newsletter? All inbound marketing works on the same principle.  You give people information they want […]


Social Media vs. Email Marketing: When to Use Each

Small and medium businesses have so many ways to reach out to their target market today.  It isn’t always clear which way is the best.  When should you reach out via social media, and when should you send an email?  It depends on a few things.  Social media and email are both important tools in […]

business newsletter

Should Your Business Have a Newsletter?

Not every business needs a newsletter.  But for some businesses, a newsletter is a powerful and effective part of their digital marketing strategy.  A quality newsletter can deepen audience engagement, boost brand awareness and increase sales. What would a newsletter do for your company?  Would it achieve those benefits or would it just take up […]

email marketing

How to Power Up Your Email Marketing in 2017

Email marketing is getting smarter and more sophisticated. To get the most of your 2017 email marketing, it’s important to understand how it fits into your larger marketing strategy. It isn’t separate from your digital marketing. It’s an important tool to bring leads through your sales funnel. Yes, it’s also a good way to send […]

email marketing

3 Good Reasons You Still Need Email Marketing

Rumours of the demise of email marketing have been greatly exaggerated. No matter what you’ve heard about social media replacing email as a powerful marketing tool, don’t abandon email just yet. Social media is a powerful marketing platform, but that doesn’t mean it should replace email. If you bought an amazing power drill, you wouldn’t throw out your […]

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