Can Automation Make Emails More Personal?

On the one hand, you want to automate some of your marketing processes to be more efficient. But on the other hand, digital marketing is all about making a personal connection and engaging with people. Is it possible to reconcile these truths? Can you use automation to step up your email marketing while also making it more personal? Absolutely. In fact, automation can make your email efforts more personal, not less. And yes, this is a powerful strategy for small businesses – especially those selling online.

Many businesses use emails to send newsletters and to communicate with customers who place an order. But the technology is there for you to study exactly how people move around your website. You can see what they study, which products they show an interest in, in addition to which they actually purchase or save in their online shopping basket. You can devise a strategy where those movements trigger automatic emails to registered visitors. For example, if someone visits the product description for one particular item they have not purchased from you already, this can generate an email to them about the product. You could alert them to a sale on the item or send further information about how the product would benefit them.

Keep the Tone of Your Emails Personal

We use emails for everything from formal business correspondence to keeping up with college friends. Your company’s emails should use the same tone as your social media. The world is more casual than it was a couple of generations ago. Use a warm, friendly tone. “Hey, we noticed you are interested in our premium widgets, and thought you’d want to know about this deal” does not sound cold or impersonal.  Automating emails does not influence the tone you use.

Automation isn’t the answer for all of your email. If you receive a query, it merits as personal and specific a reply as is possible. Sending an automated response confirming that the query was received and a reply will follow is fine – just make sure the reply addresses the specific questions posed. If you get many similar queries, you might be tempted to use a cut and paste reply. But really, what you should do in that situation is fill in the missing information on your website and make sure it is easy to find!

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