Should Your Business Have a Newsletter?

Not every business needs a newsletter

But for some businesses, a newsletter is a powerful and effective part of their digital marketing strategy.  A quality newsletter can deepen audience engagement, boost brand awareness and increase sales.

What would a newsletter do for your company?  Would it achieve those benefits or would it just take up a load of time?  How can you create a newsletter that would be welcomed and read?  If your business doesn’t produce a newsletter:

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Do customers need or want to know about changes in your company? If you have customers who come to you regularly and work directly with your staff, then those customers will want to know about staff transitions.  Do you update your product line?  Does it change seasonally?  That’s another thing customers want to know about.
  • Do you want to boost your standing as an expert? People want to do business with experts.  Shoppers are looking for a solution to a problem.  The more complex the problem is, the more they value your expertise.  Not all ‘problems’ are really problematic.  Someone who loves gardening wouldn’t view their garden as a problem in the usual sense, but they face a lot of little problems.  What will grow best in the light and soil type of their garden?  What are the best tools for the tasks they do in the garden?  When should they do various garden tasks?  Someone with money to invest isn’t facing a ‘problem’, but they do need a solution.  Both customers want to see the person they are trusting with their problem prove their expertise.
  • Do you need a way to stay on your audience’s radar? If your business doesn’t involve repeat sales, then you do not need to focus on this so much.  But if you want your audience to think of you frequently, a newsletter is a regular way to contact them.  It keeps you on their mind without being a hard sell.
  • Do you want to deepen your audience’s engagement? A newsletter is a reliable way to let your target market know about any special offers or events in advance.  They give you their email address, and you give them the inside track.  That’s a solid benefit for them, and it means they are engaged on a deeper level.  Treating them to perks like sneak previews, coupons and special deals occasionally will also make them eager to read your newsletter.

One key advantage of a newsletter is that people sign up for it.  You get to contact them directly when they give you their permission.  With most digital marketing, you are trying to attract their attention with search engine optimization and shareable content.  But with a newsletter, you get to go right to the potential customer because they have signed up for it.

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