Storage Wise

The Brief

You know the saying, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it — but there’s nothing wrong with making it better! After four generations and over a century as Limerick Self Storage, the family-run company decided on a name change to StorageWise, along with a full rebrand. They called in Matrix Internet for the project, so what did we have in store?

The company was established in 1915 as Limerick Carting Company, and we wanted to embrace this proud heritage while creating a modern self-storage experience. We incorporated their Limerick-based story within the new content strategy, while we also had a brief of developing a streamlined UX to meet modern tech demands. 

We created a bold new branding palette and visual assets, with contrasting orange, black, grey and white, while StorageWise also gained a new mascot and avatar employee Albert Wise, an Einstein-like avatar who answers questions in a more engaging way than simple chat bots or FAQs.

As we were launching a new brand, SEO was crucial, especially as StorageWise was launching an eCommerce offering, with branded moving packs and accessories. After a full audit, we boosted SEO through improving domain authority, website speed, URL structures and meta descriptions, while removing duplicate content.

We also streamlined the most important site functionality — getting a quote, which is now simple to navigate and filled with more useful information than a well-packed storage unit.  The site has also been optimised for both B2B and B2C customers, so there’s space for everyone! 


Key features

  • 01
    Instantly recognisable bold branding palette, logos and fonts;
  • 02
    Engaging new Albert Wise avatar, opening up further social and marketing options;
  • 03
    Powerful new eCommerce functionality for online sales offering;
  • 04
    Streamlined UX and quote process — the site’s most essential function for generating leads;
  • 05
    Improved SEO, to relaunch while gaining and retaining customers.


Rebrand and relaunch a well-loved company, balancing a proud legacy with a modern, digital offering.

  • Create a new visual branding identity that is instantly recognisable on digital and physical assets;
  • Add powerful eCommerce functionality to existing offering;
  • Increase leads through improved quote functionality and content strategy.


A ground-up relaunch strategy, from visual branding to content to best-in-class web functionality.

  • Branding workshop and audit to create new engaging visual assets, including logos, fonts and new search avatar;
  • UX discovery workshop to determine customer personas, user journeys and sitemap;
  • Custom graphic design, wireframe prototype and landing page templates;
  • Coding of all website elements with regular client sign-offs;
  • Extensive QA process, followed by a training session with Matrix technical lead before live launch.


A modern, ambitious rebrand for a company boosting its reach nationwide.

  • Successful relaunch and rebrand, with blended service and eCommerce business model;
  • A more engaging tone in content that blends a rich heritage with future ambitions;
  • Increase in traffic, leads and conversions since launch.