Offbeat Donuts

Offbeat Donuts

The Brief

Mobile Website Offbeat Donuts

Offbeat Donuts is on a mission to sprinkle a little bit of decadence over the Irish bakery experience. After opening on Westland Row in 2016, the company now has eight shops around Dublin, creating magic moments for thousands of devotees every day.

Offbeat needed a mouthwatering new website that matched their playful nature, and Matrix baked up a colourful treat with a topping of premium user experience.

In our first workshop, Offbeat told us their old site was a bit stale — they wanted an online experience as fresh and inviting as their daily baked donuts and ice cream waffles. Visitors should be like their in-store customers drooling at the donuts behind the glass display, unable to resist.

Offbeat Donuts
Responsive Website Offbeat Donuts

Our designers captured the Offbeat spirit with bold, custom illustrations and fonts, liberal use of pink to chime with their branding, and of course lots of close-ups of those spectacular donuts. The site now incorporates omnichannel eCommerce functionality for home delivery and B2B service and full support with crucial eCommerce and marketing support.

Their new WordPress platform is also a powerful analytical tool, and a hub for updating the site with engaging content, after training from the Matrix team. The Offbeat WordPress HQ also gives franchisees more autonomy, as each store now has its own administration panel.

The icing on the cake? now looks as good as their donuts taste!


Key Features

  • 01
    Visually striking and artistic custom graphic design based on agreed brand palette, including new icons and graphical illustrations;
  • 02
    Scalable to handle large volumes of customers;
  • 03
    Integrates with food delivery partners such as Just Eat;
  • 04
    Automation of all underlying processes such as emailing, alerts and other eCommerce features;
  • 05
    New Content Management System — staff can now edit website content, add pages, change the menu etc.
  • 06
    Custom Store Order System — the custom Matrix Store Ordering System (MSOS) automatically distributes orders to each individual store via a streamlined and lightweight software solution so stores fulfill orders as quickly as possible


A powerful eCommerce platform in line with Offbeat’s ongoing expansion — with an engaging, playful design and user experience.

  • To create an online platform blending an enticing brochure element with powerful eCommerce functionality;
  • Streamline operational processes with automated functionality, analytics and reports;
  • Become a powerful online hub for omnichannel marketing, sales and tracking sales and performances . Next level improvements in the front and back end.


From workshops to deployment, a ground-up UX overhaul driven by design thinking.

  • UX workshops to finalise branding direction and client’s functionality requirements;
  • Sitemap and tailored design templates created and finalised with client;
  • Multi-stage development phase of new CMS, with incremental QA and testing;
  • Live launch of new site.


A modern, visually striking online platform that balances quirky messaging and brochure engagement with advanced eCommerce functionality.

  • Enticing messaging to customers, with enhanced engagement through personalisation and social media integration;
  • Offbeat team empowered through upskilling in CMS training;
  • A streamlined eCommerce engine that will allow Offbeat to grow and scale into the future;
  • 15.8% increase in revenue from 2020 to 2021
  • 9.4% increase in number of orders
  • 55% boost in user numbers