From an enticing virtual shop front to a hassle-free checkout, we will craft a powerful, conversion-driven eCommerce site with a rewarding user experience.


If you’re an online retailer, you need to think beyond simply offering your customers a virtual catalogue. You need conversion-driven design, brand consistency and an intuitive User Experience that can adapt to ever-changing global trends. 

When COVID-19 forced retailers into a hard reset, companies with a strong eCommerce foundation were able to reboot quicker, and thrive against the odds. Even before 2020, global online sales were rising rapidly, but within three months, COVID-19 had accelerated eCommerce growth by 4 to 6 years, with the rest of the world largely following the dramatic trend in the US.
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If you’re an online retailer who hasn’t accelerated into this fast lane yet, your survival chances are slipping away. The .IE Tipping Point Report 2021 found that even when the pandemic is over, 43% of Irish people will shop only for necessities in-store, so retailers need to get ready to meet this demand.

The Tipping Point Report also found that 50% of companies who had invested in eCommerce maintained their same level of business pre-pandemic, while 28% were even busier than they were before COVID-19.

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You need conversion-driven design, brand consistency and an intuitive user experience that delivers a streamlined journey from homepage to checkout. We can get you up to speed, and help grow your business in domestic and international markets.

In the last 12 months, we’ve helped dozens of retailers grow their online channel to be as big as their physical stores. The Matrix team has been an active partner in many eCommerce success stories, delivering world class platforms through innovative technology and user-centric design.

If your website is struggling with low conversion rates, poor sales or frustrating abandoned carts, we’ll make sure you catch up with the competition, and give you an edge in all the essential areas.

You need to understand your audience through engaging User Experience design that inspires a streamlined buying process. It’s all about standing out by creating convenience for the buyer. If you give visitors a memorable experience they’ll become loyal customers, and you can use powerful analytics to develop strategies that work.

And don’t be afraid to try new strategies, or you’ll always be trying to catch up with competitors. As US business pioneer George Welch once said: “Change before you have to.”

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We’ll help you make that change

  1. User Experience discovery workshops to profile and attract your target audience;
  2. Our design-thinking methodology — we’ll design a frictionless user journey;
  3. Convert leads into loyal customers through intuitive browsing, shopping basket navigation and checkout;
  4. Develop a multi-channel eCommerce platform you can be proud of;
  5. New content strategy and SEO roadmap;
  6. Drive traffic through multichannel marketing campaigns;
  7. Post-launch support to your in-house eCommerce team through powerful data analytics and regular updates.

We will develop a fully scalable platform, so as your eCommerce site grows, it’ll stay agile. Through our pre-launch training, you’ll be able to manage inventory, invoicing, receipts, returns and shipment records easily and intuitively — making your own experience with the site as hassle-free as your customers’ premium UX.


Transforming Irish business post-COVID

Post-pandemic, we’ve invested heavily in eCommerce innovation. The Government’s COVID-19 Online Retail Scheme has been a lifeline for Irish businesses, and so far we have partnered with 20 companies in their application process — with 100% success rate in securing funding. After impressing judges with innovative business plans, we’re now working with each company to develop an eCommerce strategy that will secure their digital future.

Ignite your eCommerce with Digital Spark

In our 21 years, we’ve taken hundreds of companies to the next level, and post-pandemic, we condensed all of our expertise into a new advanced eCommerce package — Digital Spark. We can tailor the modular programme to your needs, with an end result of boosting your domestic and export sales, and building your brand. Our Online Retail Scheme clients are already seeing the benefits, but Digital Spark isn’t just an emergency rescue — it’s open to any Irish business that refuses to be left behind in the eCommerce race.

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