From an enticing virtual shop front to a hassle-free checkout, we will craft a powerful, conversion-driven eCommerce site with a rewarding User Experience (UX).


If you’re an online retailer, it’s no longer good enough to simply present your customers with a virtual catalogue and prices. You need conversion-driven design, brand consistency and an intuitive User Experience (UX) that delivers a smooth transaction from homepage to check out.

Matrix can tailor an eCommerce strategy that will help you build and retain a loyal customer base. Through deep industry research, we will develop behaviour models of your target market, and craft a site that meets their needs. We will streamline the user flow with a visually enticing and informative browsing experience, seamless shopping basket navigation, and a frictionless checkout process that maintains conversion rates.

We will develop a fully scalable platform, so as your eCommerce site grows, it maintains its robust functionality. You’ll be able to manage inventory, invoicing, receipts, returns and shipment records easily and intuitively — making your own experience with the site as hassle-free as your customers’ premium UX.

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