AIB Future Sparks

AIB Future Sparks

The Brief

AIB Future Sparks

AIB is investing in young people’s futures through the Future Sparks programme — an interdisciplinary initiative aimed at teaching crucial life skills. The programme teaches transferable life skills to students in 1st to 6th year, helping them transition smoothly through school and preparing them for a future career.

AIB needed a new platform to attract new users, along with powerful learning and communication functionality for the growing number of participants. We developed a two-part website to align with these goals:

  • General access

Public-facing WordPress brochure platform with promotional information about the programme, categorised for key audiences (teachers, parents, students, industry, media), as well as information on how to register.

  • Exclusive access:

A fully customisable platform created in Moodle where students and teachers can register, log in and access documents — all while building a vibrant social community through online interaction and sharing content.

Website AIB Future Sparks

We created the Future Sparks platform to grow dynamically with its users. It’s a progressive learning platform with engaging content such as video, text, quizzes and games. While AIB is preparing young people for the future, we’ve created a future-proofed website that will make that happen.


Key Features

  • 01
    Creative and custom-designed Moodle platform with high brand recognition
  • 02
    User-generated content for optimum engagement
  • 03
    System actors defined and developed
  • 04
    Extensive online research library (expert and user-generated content in multiple; formats, games, PDF, worksheets, quizzes etc)
  • 05
    Refinement of the brand for online accessibility


Develop an online platform that makes learning fun for young people — and teaches them the value of real life skills

  • To create an inclusive and vibrant site that attracts and retains students and teachers
  • To present information about Future Sparks intuitively, with the right messaging to target groups
  • To create an engaged online community that’s connected through collective learning and achieving life goals.


Design-thinking methodology and content strategy combine for a dynamic and exciting new learning platform

  • Detailed UX discovery process to map out client goals and scope of the project
  • Sitemap and wireframes created and finalised with client
  • Fully bespoke Moodle CMS, with supplementary training to key AIB stakeholders for updating the site in future
  • Launch of new site, after extensive QA process.


A modern online learning platform that balances powerful functionality with a vibrant community aspect.

  • Engaging, inclusive messaging and bold colour scheme to attract younger users
  • High-profile launch generated considerable media interest
  • AIB Future Sparks team empowered through CMS training with Matrix developers
  • Higher number of users and interactions reported since launch.