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The Brief

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Altu was formed in 1997 in Dublin with a progressive ethos — to build an architectural firm on a foundation of design excellence and collaboration, creating inspiring spaces that make a lasting impact.

Over 25 years later, between offices in Dublin and Wroclaw, Poland, Altu is a leading name in modern architecture, with high-profile projects in residential, office, healthcare, retail, leisure and other sectors. As part of a brand relaunch, they needed a new online fitout from a team of digital architects, and Matrix Internet’s designers drafted a blueprint for future growth.

Altu’s brief was to create a visual website, so our design and development teams focused on creating a stunning portal into their creative process and projects. From our first workshop, we collaboratively sketched with their brand providers to capture Altu’s aesthetic vision on their new online platform.

Website ALTU Architects
Mobile Website ALTU Architects

Through our design-thinking methodology, we developed a site that’s sensitive to modern digital media expectations — vibrant photo galleries and video content, bold fonts and messaging, and a strong visual narrative driving the whole user experience.

We’ve elevated Altu’s goals, culture and values as well as their portfolio, with a user journey that blends completed projects with full-screen video and photos of the Altu team during their creative process. We also enhanced Altu’s news section with updates that have become an essential pillar of their new social media strategy.

Altu is derived from an old Irish word meaning gratitude, and after an energetic and enjoyable voyage together, both teams are happy with a project that’s been made to last.


Key Features

  • 01
    Stong, modern, elegant design that captures Altu’s design-led aesthetic;
  • 02
    Full screen video gives an intimate insight into colleague and client collaboration;
  • 03
    Seamless UX that guides the user through Altu’s ongoing story, from culture and values, to process and finished projects;
  • 04
    News section integrated with Instagram, to capitalise on the site's enhanced visual presentation;
  • 05
    Altu staff trained how to update the site with news and emerging projects.


To create a website that strengthens Altu’s rebrand and showcases the company’s project capabilities.

  • To help launch Altu’s new brand into the stratosphere;
  • Present a balance between the hugely impressive portfolio and the human side of the company;
  • To increase engagement through social media integration;
  • To construct a domain and showcase for Altu’s hugely impressive track record.


A new website built on UX design excellence, from workshop to development to launch.

  • Discovery workshops aimed at deconstructing Altu’s DNA with clearly identified user personas, client goals and brand requirements;
  • Bespoke graphic design with a well-defined balance of projects, company updates and processes;
  • Development and content migration, followed by extensive QA period;
  • Supplementary website editing training to Altu staff before launch.


A stunning new website that unifies strong brand messaging and modern design.

  • An informative, UX-driven site that boosts Altu’s online presence and rebranding goals;
  • Staff empowered through supplementary training by Matrix team;
  • Increased number of visitors and conversions since launch.
  • A website that Altu can be proud of as they chart an ambitious future ahead and reach for the sky