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The Brief

Ireland’s leading car-sharing company needed a platform to match their goal of providing a stress-free alternative to car ownership in cities, and we helped them shift a few gears. After some expert fine-tuning, GoCar’s number of monthly trips increased eightfold within six months, and they had 10 times more active users.

Matrix turned deep industry analysis and a User Experience (UX) discovery process with the GoCar team into a well-oiled system that runs the entire business of GoCar — from booking vehicles to payments and customer support. We delivered a highly intuitive and simple-to-use platform that gets users from A to B with a minimum of screen time.

Through the app, we also updated GoCar’s previous swipe card system and turned members’ phones into a car key — eliminating any worries about losing or forgetting the card.

With a clear pricing guide, in-journey updates and real-time Google Maps integration showing the closest vehicle, GoCar now offers customers a smooth transition that never stalls at the wrong moment.

GoCar has been growing strongly through our partnership, and our powerful, smooth and reliable platform has helped drive them toward this success.

Mobile Application

Simple Sign Up

Simple Sign Up

Users can sign up, book
journey, open cars and
track their car use - all via
the app.

Staff can provide real-time support

Staff can provide real-time support

GoCar staff can provide
real-time support via the

Visually Attractive

Visually Attractive

And of course, it needed
to look great.


Key Features

  • 01
    The app now opens cars for users using geolocation and access control features — no need for another card in your wallet;
  • 02
    Members can simply book on the go or extend a journey using the app;
  • 03
    Geocoding and mapping tracks journeys and locates vehicles at all times;
  • 04
    The app’s billing and invoice system is securely integrated with GoCar’s third-party partners;
  • 05
    Admin dashboard gives GoCar staff key statistics and performance indicators.


Entice more users to the GoCar system through a more user-friendly platform.

  • Increase number of GoCar members and car shares;
  • Enhance system for opening cars;
  • Consistency across all devices, operating systems and browsers;
  • Enhance performance indicators for GoCar staff.


Streamline system for users and develop powerful analytical tools.

  • UX workshops and consultation with GoCar staff and clientele;
  • Design of apps and system, replacing swipe card with app;
  • Integration with third parties (e.g. payment system, car software);
  • Creation of admin dashboard to view key analytics.


GoCar has strengthened its position as Ireland’s leading car-sharing platform.

  • Vast increase in number of trips taken — an increase of 400%;
  • Number of active users greatly increased, by nearly 250%;
  • Much more reliable service — 61% fewer calls to customer care.



Increase on trips taken

Active Users
Active Users

Increase on daily active users


Fewer calls to call centre


Matrix Internet have brought their creative & technical skills to the fore with the development & maintenance of our app & website. They have been a flexible, reliable & dedicated partner since we first got on board and would highly recommend their services to other SaaS platforms.

Rob Kearns

Head of Growth
GoCar Platform