My Taxi

The Brief

Mytaxi has revolutionised hailing cabs in Ireland, and shivering in taxi rank queues is fast becoming obsolete in cities. If you’re now used to finding a driver to pick you up at all times with a few smartphone taps, you have Mytaxi to thank — and Matrix has helped further enhance this process through our custom development and marketing strategies.

Mytaxi is far more than a revolutionary e-hailing app for single cab users. It’s also used by companies of all sizes to manage taxi budget accounts and generate detailed reports of staff usage.

It is a rapidly expanding company that now operates in over 70 cities all over Europe, so cross-functionality and a smooth User Experience (UX) for a diverse customer base was vital to ensure thousands of businesses can unlock its full potential.

We developed divisions for the Mytaxi site in Ireland, the UK, Italy, Poland and Spain, with each one a standalone, fully localised and translated site. We developed bespoke landing pages to not only target users in specific countries, but also to reach specific buying personas, such as office managers, CEOs and regular cab users. We also accelerated the driver uptake rate with a website that simplified the process of taking the exam and moving to Mytaxi.

We transferred this targeted development strategy to specific marketing campaigns, reaching a diverse range of users on every social media channel with engaging messages finely tuned to their needs. Overall, from development to marketing all over Europe, our project with Mytaxi has been hailed a big success.

Key Features

  • 01
    Highly targeted landing pages to boost conversions in numerous European markets;
  • 02
    Comprehensive, engaging social media presence and digital marketing campaign;
  • 03
    Dynamic customisation of pre-approved code system — from monitored staff usage to single user special offers, such as discounts on block-buying 10 rides;
  • 04
    Smart contact forms;
  • 05
    Remarketing strategy.


Maintain and enhance the perception of Mytaxi as an essential modern cab booking service.

  • Expand the brand reach and uptake of Mytaxi in Europe;
  • Maintain a central, core message of the company while appealing to many different nationalities and user personas;
  • Deliver a rewarding UX for all customers — from CEOs to casual cab users;
  • Increase driver migration to the Mytaxi platform.


Craft a series of bespoke local sites that stay on-brand and increase conversions through a targeted marketing campaign.

  • Detailed UX research to target a diverse range of users in different countries and sectors;
  • Development of localised and translated sites for various countries;
  • Development of highly targeted landing pages aimed at a diverse range of personas;
  • Taxi driver exam site to simplify the Mytaxi joining process.


Mytaxi has never fared better as it continues to dominate in cab markets across Europe.

  • Huge increase in drivers migrating to Mytaxi platform
  • Mytaxi app downloads increased in Europe;
  • Mytaxi Business usage increase in key markets