The Brief

Mizenhead / Timberland Website

Mizenhead is one of Ireland’s leading stockists of designer outdoor and streetwear brands, established in Cork in 1991. The company is the official franchise partner for iconic brands such as The North Face, Timberland and Vans, with numerous stores nationwide and an extensive eCommerce service.

They approached Matrix with a request to bring some adventure to both the mizenhead.com HQ website, as well as timberlandireland.ie. Mizenhead is a company that is passionate about the great outdoors, but they wanted to make sure they offer a premium eCommerce and browsing experience for customers in their own homes.

From our first user experience (UX) discovery workshop, we focused on creating unity between both the Timberland and Mizenhead websites while closely following each individual brand. We achieved this by including Mizenhead in the Timberland story while differentiating each website through distinct, bold presentation, animation, fonts and colour schemes.

Mizenhead / Timberland Mobile Website
Mizenhead / Timberland Website

Our chief aim was to streamline the e-commerce experience on both websites, to appeal to discerning customers by following core practices in UX excellence. And as Mizenhead and Timberland customers will always be on the go by definition, we made sure the platforms are mobile-optimised and fully responsive across all devices.

Customers turn to Mizenhead and Timberland for quality and reassurance, so it was important for us to incorporate an embedded review platform within the website, so new users can get trusted feedback from peers without leaving the website.

As well as creating the regular robust and streamlined eCommerce platform, we also included digital gift card functionality, offering customers even more choice when they are shopping for the latest cutting-edge looks.

Delivered services: eCommerce functionality UX design Website Development


Key Features

  • 01
    Bold and modern graphic design with custom visual elements. In keeping with the theme, our designers explored many creative paths — uniting themes while differentiating between both sites;
  • 02
    Pleasing brochure element in presenting product catalogue — use of models and locations rather than just the items;
  • 03
    Streamlined eCommerce platform that also incorporates new digital gift card system;
  • 04
    Engaging content rooting Mizenhead and the franchises in Ireland, promotes a localised story to globally recognised brands;
  • 05
    Mobile-first approach and fully responsive on all devices.


To create a rock solid online platform for some of the world’s most iconic outdoor clothing and footwear brands.

  • Recreate the engaging, hands-on experience of shopping for premium brands — with detailed product descriptions and images;
  • To fully understand the mindset of online customers who are adventurous, bold and discerning by nature;
  • Create a frictionless transaction platform to follow on from detailed browsing experience;
  • To consolidate the quality user experience between both sites, while highlighting the singular plus points for each one.


A user-centric approach to delivering eCommerce excellence.

  • UX discovery workshop to define personas, user journeys and desired eCommerce functionality features;
  • Custom graphic design phase for both site, from wireframes to prototypes, to final signed-off templates;
  • Development phase, with ongoing feedback between Matrix and key Mizenhead stakeholders;
  • Staff training for future edits and updates on site.


Two complementary websites that are on-brand with the Mizenhead and Timberland stories, while offering a premium eCommerce experience.

  • Striking design and functionality that aligns with core values and aesthetic of iconic brands;
  • An intuitive site that does not pose a tough navigational challenge for its users;
  • Enhanced messaging through company stories and new blog;
  • Increased traffic and conversions since live launch.