The Brief


For over a century, Foxford Woollen Mills has woven a success story from its historic home in Co Mayo — selling expertly crafted garments and homeware in Ireland and overseas for generations.

However, Foxford has grown beyond the woollen mills to offer a prestigious lifestyle brand experience in the west of Ireland — its store and showrooms in the village of Foxford; its museum and cafe experience, and crucially, its online business.

Foxford wanted their warm, vibrant in-store experience to be replicated online with a new site, and Matrix excelled their expectations with a new site that’s in no way run of the mill! After a detailed user experience (UX) workshop, we identified their main goals — to turn a limited, unreactive and inconsistent site into an inspiring, user-centric online platform that balanced an artisanal touch with robust functionality.


Our design team was very excited to steer a true heritage brand into an exciting digital future. The rich history of Foxford provided fantastic raw material, which they used to create a thread that runs through the website for a compelling user experience.

A collaborative UX workshop was conducted with huge representation from all aspects of Foxford’s business. The wide input allowed our UX team to fully understand the DNA of Foxford and the essence of what makes the customer base so loyal to the brand.

Our UI (user interface) team then took on the task of creating a visual design that was sensitive to the brand, modern in theme and above all, felt like Foxford.

For the engine of the platform, we created a custom WordPress design with WooCommerce, migrating the whole catalogue from the current Shopify website to the new site and facilitating the worldwide shipping of most products.

Delivered services: eCommerce functionality UX design Website Development Branding


We also made sure to weave in some craft elegance to align with the Foxford brand. We have captured all aspects of the business as a complete streamlined experience, with vibrant images and well-placed text content that tells the story of Foxford while offering a new luxury customer experience.

Foxford Woollen Mills, powered by the majestic flow of the River Moy, set off on this voyage with the hope of channelling the eCommerce current and navigating into new international waters.


Key features

  • 01
    New bespoke design that balances a brochure element with historical context and powerful, modern eCommerce functionality;
  • 02
    Intuitive interface, with streamlined catalogues and customer journey;
  • 03
    Full EPOS integration (Meridian);
  • 04
    Full DPD delivery integration, using shipmate API;
  • 05
    Mobile-first design, linked to Facebook and Instagram shops.


To turn a run-of-the-mill site into a platform that elevates the brand and creates a rewarding customer experience

  • To make a confident and strong visual statement to align with the brand;
  • To develop consistent content that encompass all aspects of the Foxford experience;
  • To increase domestic sales and export potential with a more reliable eCommerce platform;


New website led by design-thinking methodology, from setting goals to launch.

  • UX discovery workshops to finalise eCommerce requirements, user personas and design rebranding;
  • Import of legacy customer information and product catalogue;
  • Integration of several internal IT systems;
  • Sitemap based on the needs of the personas and user journeys;
  • Multi-stage development phase of new online store, with comprehensive QA and testing;
  • Full SEO strategy including transition to a new domain name;
  • Live launch of new site.


A new site that is on-brand with the Foxford history, while offering a premium eCommerce experience.

  • Elegant, modern design that aligns with core values and aesthetic of the historic brand;
  • An intuitive site with a streamlined user journey;
  • An agile website, allowing the Foxford team to be ultra nimble with eCommerce tactics:
  • Enhanced messaging through prominent history and museum sections.