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European Environment Agency

The Brief

The European Environment Agency (EEA) is an EU agency that provides sound, independent environmental information for those involved in developing, adopting, implementing and evaluating environmental policy, and also the general public.

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In 2021, the EEA embarked on a mission to upgrade to an omnichannel stakeholder management and email marketing solution.

This project was driven by the EEA’s COMMs department, with a focus on capturing the needs of all internal departments as well as considering internal and external stakeholders.

They elected to release this tender to objectively assess their needs and requirements, and get expert advice on identifying the best solutions, while defining the technical specifications of possible solutions.

Matrix Internet won the contract to make a thoroughly researched recommendation on both a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution and an Email Marketing Solution (EMS), to ensure that the EEA’s strategic objectives were delivered.



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How a CRM can help

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CRM Infographics

New contact subscribes to the EEA newsletter

Contact receives an acceptance email and welcome email. The CRM registers their email address as a new stakeholder in the database and starts matching information.

The contact follows the EEA on Facebook and sends a message asking for advice. The CRM maps that the contact is using the same email address from the newsletter contact and asks if it can match information. The EEA team can see it’s the same person, so it authorises data matching.

Facebook chatbot / email auto reply connected to the CRM lets the contact know when they should expect an answer. The EEA team assigns one team member to collect data and answer the stakeholder’s question.

The stakeholder receives their answer and follows other EEA channels (YouTube, Twitter etc). Interactions are mapped via the CRM and the EEA team clearly understands when the stakeholder was last contacted and how, who contacted them and the purpose.

We worked with key EEA teams and stakeholders to deliver focused and tailored communications and technical workshops to capture these requirements and brainstorm solutions.


I enjoyed working with Matrix Internet in understanding the needs for a new stakeholder relations tool in our organization. Always available to listen to our ideas and concerns the team guided us with a steady hand and professional insight to stay on track and deliver on time. I am satisfied with the outcome of our collaboration which reflected the result-oriented and client-focused company Matrix Internet is.

Petra Fagerholm

Stakeholder relations expert