Email Marketing

We’ll help you get to know your audience through their inbox — but we won’t be too pushy.

Email Marketing

Despite the escalation of social media’s influence on our online behaviour, email is still one of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal. We will devise an email strategy that compels your target audience to react — boosting engagement with sales leads and reinforcing your existing customers’ brand loyalty. Leave it with us and they’ll get the message.

From the outset, we will integrate email marketing with your overall digital strategy. We will get to know your audience through rigorous market research and pinpoint exactly how you can meet their needs. They might receive hundreds of emails a day, but we’ll write provocative subject lines they can’t ignore.

We’ll get to the point in the first line and follow with concise and snappy content that’s easy to scan, with compelling calls to action, special incentives and information and advice they genuinely want.

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We will strike a balance between transactional emails, permission marketing and engaging newsletters that keep your audience informed, with a tone of voice that perfectly encapsulates your brand. Most importantly, we’ll keep them regularly updated, but we’ll never become a nuisance.

Crucially, our work doesn’t stop once you hit send; we’ll analyse the impact of each email, and further develop the strategy to fine-tune an approach that keeps enticing your audience.

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