Butlers Cover


The Brief

Since 1932, Butlers have been mastering the craft of chocolate making in Ireland, and their cafés have for years been a decadent time-out from a stressful day in the city, or a special treat before jumping on a train at Heuston Station. In 2018 Butlers leaned on Matrix to provide ongoing digital support, and now their website is running as smoothly as one of their velvety hot chocolates.

Butlers are more than a chocolate brand and chain of high-end cafés — they are a highly successful eCommerce business selling quality confectionery and gift packs to chocolate lovers worldwide. The ongoing project with Butlers isn’t focused on one specific tier of their digital platform. As a full-service agency, Matrix is a one-stop support network for Butlers as their online presence grows. We provide quick support and maintenance, fix bugs, design new landing pages and develop technologies whenever they have a new business idea.

Upon winning the contract, we took over their current provider and quickly streamlined the site’s User Experience (UX). We designed and developed their new nutritional information page to display a huge range of dietary statistics, without compromising Butlers’ elegant design aesthetic. We also devised their email marketing strategy on the Mailchimp platform — and trust us, we can find plenty of nice things to say about Ireland’s finest chocolate.

Delivered services:   UX design Website Development Email Marketing


Key Features

  • 01
    Ongoing, rapid and reliable digital support and proactive maintenance;
  • 02
    Bespoke graphic design for campaigns or website updates;
  • 03
    Supplementary site development;
  • 04
    Ongoing email marketing strategy.


Become a reliable hub of support and incremental development for Butlers.

  • Provide a holistic, enduring support service for Butlers;
  • Provide dynamic development ideas when called on for site updates;
  • Maintain Butlers’ brand prestige in all aspects of their digital presence.


Build up trust by raising brand awareness and providing a full range of digital services.

  • Take over current provider and offer rapid support for their website, built on the Kooomo Content Management System (CMS);
  • Develop Butlers’ email marketing strategy on Mailchimp;
  • Undertake design and development updates that align with Butlers’ strong heritage branding.


Butlers can be assured that whenever they have an idea, we’ll make it happen.

  • Butlers’ eCommerce business can evolve in line with their ideas;
  • Peace of mind through our reliable, rapid support;