Abbey Seals

The Brief

Abbey Seals is Ireland’s leading provider of seal and gasket components, helping thousands of machines run smoothly in Ireland and beyond, every day. After four decades in the business, they value efficiency, finely-tuned attention to detail and clear and concise communication. Their old website had reached the end of the production line, and we created a gleaming new platform that runs like a well-oiled machine.

We focused initially on developing a smooth User Experience (UX) and an intuitive User Interface (UI), with a logical and simple flow, highlighting the company’s vast range of products and services. The new Abbey Seals site is a modern, robust platform that captures the company’s mission, with detailed images of products, industry usage and staff at work, with generous white space for optimum clarity.

We scrapped their old cumbersome Content Management System (CMS) and upgraded to a new WordPress system that’s more streamlined, quicker, and easier for staff to edit.
Finally, our writers tuned up the site further with updated engaging content, so Abbey Seals’ customers and clients always get the message.

We’ll soon be embarking on Phase 2 of the project, with EPOS integration and more powerful eCommerce functionality — then the project will be signed, Sealed and delivered!

Key Features

  • 01
    Modern design with prominent images that showcase Abbey Seals’ vast product range, as well as adding an extra human element with staff photos;
  • 02
    Simple and logical interface for users to navigate, optimised with generous use of white space and intuitive, custom icons;
  • 03
    New content with a more engaging tone;
  • 04
    New WordPress CMS that’s easy to edit, giving staff freedom to update the site;
  • 05
    Fully mobile responsive and optimised for all platforms.


To design and develop a modern new platform for Abbey Seals, showcasing their full range of products and services, with an engaging content tone.

  • Raise the online presence of Abbey Seals as Ireland’s leading provider of seal and gasket machine components, as well as their vital industry services;
  • Get the company’s story across with interesting content and background information;
  • Give the customer less work by delivering a winning UX in all areas of the site, from intuitive use of icons, to easy to follow menus.


UX and design that sets a new industry standard, and a new company voice.

  • Discovery workshops with clearly identified client goals;
  • Custom graphic design and image layout, with a well-defined balance of products, services and staff, and bespoke icons and graphics;
  • New content, based on client’s directions and goals;
  • Supplementary staff training and advice on updating the new site.


A best-in-class new site that gets the seal of approval from the client — and their customers.

  • A clear and informative online platform that boosts Abbey Seals’ online presence with a streamlined experience and engaging UX;
  • Enhanced brand identity through visual and written content;
  • Increased conversions since site launch;
  • Increased staff confidence and agency, with the added freedom of being able to update the site.