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Fundamental Web Design Practices For 2017

fundamental web design practices 2017

The busy, hyperactive websites of the early 2000s are long gone, and the hyper-minimalist elegance introduced by Apple over ten years ago is here to stay (at least for a while in tech terms).

So how do you build a website that both conforms to the industry standard of sophisticated elegance and stands out from your competition? You call Matrix Internet, of course. But no, seriously, what do you have to do to meet best web design practices?

Web Design incorporates a plethora of different skillsets into one complete package because, well, websites are difficult and standing out online requires a lot of work and talent from a lot of different skill sets.

When starting with Web Design, these are a few key points to remember:

    • Know your aesthetics — staying on top of what’s aesthetically in vogue is important, get familiar with Google’s material design manual, and continually check back as it’s a living document and always changing (just like everything else online)
    • Never forget website responsiveness — ensure that every first impression of your website is a good impression, no matter what type of device it’s being viewed from.
    • Stay up to date with new technology — in an industry where new changes and advancements are made constantly it’s important to continually educate yourself; consider reserving time each week for studying new developments.
    • Incorporate offline work — try out your ideas and designs using pen and paper to first organise your thoughts and build a vision. Solidifying your thoughts and plans will help with staying organised throughout the project.
    • Streamline navigation — try to avoid drop down menus and sidebars crowded with links upon links. The minimalism of the new digital age demands a cleaner, more sophisticated approach to organising a site.
    • There are innumerable other tips around best web design practices. Most important of all, however, is to remember to keep an open mind and continually strive to learn more. Not only is the technology ever-advancing, but also the devices used to access the internet, the online aesthetics we find appealing, and even the way we think about the internet are also all fluctuating and changing constantly.

      Being able to check the pulse of the digital world means the difference between success and failure in web design; try to remain open to criticism, sensitive to your visitors’ needs, and aware of the digital world you are working in.

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