Matrix is partnering with Doofinder to optimise your online store’s search engine

The Matrix team is always looking to offer our clients the ultimate solutions for all their digital needs, be it a new website, a smartphone application or a solution for their e-commerce stores. That’s why we think that we have found a game-changer for our clients who want to succeed in eCommerce: Doofinder. This tool is a powerful, quick and intuitive search engine (which is placed on your website) that is tailored to offer online shops the most up to date technology on search results. 

In the online sales space, the customer’s initial engagement with the website is the crucial stage in which they either decide to browse further or leave. With big internet behemoths, like Amazon and Google, customers are used to quickly and efficiently finding what they are looking for. That means that providing a seamless search tool on your website is critical to converting website visits to sales. The good news though is that with Doofinder, online stores can now offer their customers the ultimate search experience.  

Doofinder offers a great user experience 

What makes Doofinder incomparable to other internal or on-site search engines is that it is effortless to use. After the installation, its features can be combined to provide a seamless experience to your website user. One of the most popular ones is the auto-fill, that provides search results as users enter their query, in real-time. So, your customer will be typing in the search bar, and it will be showing results accordingly. It’s customised results are also of big help. It positions sponsored results at the top of the search for specific products. You can use that to array overstocked products at the top of search results and emphasise products with a better profit margin, for instance. That combined offers your customer a fast way to find the products that they are looking for and to you a better way to position first the products that you’re most interested in selling. 

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Doofinder augments your eCommerce website as a clever, intuitive on-site search engine that also learns from what your users are looking for, improving results as it evolves its knowledge of your customers. Other great features of Doofinder include geo-located and multi-index search, among others. We believe Doofinder is great to improve the user’s experience and, as a result, will surely improve your conversion rate. 

If you are one of our clients and want to try Doofinder on your website, please contact our team to find out how easy the integration process can be. If you are not a current client of Matrix, we would love to introduce ourselves to you and have a general chat about how Doofinder could be the missing part of your eCommerce puzzle. The tool is easily integrated with the most popular eCommerce and CMS platforms, such as Magento, Shopify, PrestaShop, WordPress and Kooomo, among others.

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