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The Brief

IE Domain Registry Website

.ie domains are the foundation for businesses who wish to promote themselves as Irish online. It is the official country code for Ireland on the internet, and the IE Domain Registry has registered more than 280,000 domains since 1991.

But the Registry’s remit goes beyond that — it has an ongoing mission to help Irish businesses thrive online by protecting, supporting and promoting the digital presence of all .ie domain names.

As an Irish business that has evolved over 20 years through the digital revolution, we at Matrix were proud to be commissioned to rebuild the IE Domain Registry website. We immediately focused on delivering a platform that simplified the user journey with an intuitive user flow, creating a frictionless User Experience (UX) for Irish companies with any level of digital expertise.

IE Domain Registry Website
IE Domain Registry Responsive Website

The minimalist graphic design, with a neutral colour palette and ample white space, is coupled with an easily navigable menu system. The homepage is streamlined to User Interface (UI) perfection: a prominent search bar to discover whether a domain name is available, followed by a confirmation page, and a list of accredited registrars.

IE Domain Registry Banner

The content is concise, informative and reassuring. Users can have their domain registered quickly with only a few simple steps. Menus linking to relevant research papers, conferences and training programmes further highlight the prestige of the organisation.

Delivered services: Website Development UX design



Key Features

  • 01
    Custom graphic design with a clear, minimalist aesthetic;
  • 02
    Streamlined UX, from search to choosing an accredited registrar;
  • 03
    Autosuggestions when exact domain is not available;
  • 04
    WordPress Content Management System (CMS), with training for key stakeholders;
  • 05
    Regularly updated blog.


Ensure a seamless registration process, and provide information on the IE Domain Registrar as a public service.

  • Ensure the website is easy to navigate, so users can register in the minimum number of steps;
  • Present all technical details in a concise and reassuring manner;
  • Inform the public about IE Domain Registry and its business initiatives.


From workshop to live deployment, a sharp focus on UX at every step.

  • Discovery workshops on UX, sitemap and diverse range of personas;
  • Custom graphic design to retain and enhance brand image and present information logically;
  • Deploy bespoke website.


Businesses undaunted by a simple and accessible registration process.

  • Better user experience;
  • Easier to use the domain lookup service;
  • Easy to administer backend system.


We engaged with Matrix Internet to develop a new website in 2019. They created a simple, contemporary design which was clean and made great use of white space.

Matrix advised us to keep the main navigation short and simple, which has worked well. The website is built on Wordpress which gives us lots of flexibility on page layouts and is easy to manage.

We found the Matrix team to be very responsive, willing to listen and committed to the project.

Oonagh McCutcheon

Customer Operations Manager
IE Domain Registry
IE Domain Registry