7 Exciting Predictions for The Future of Web Development

When we think we’ve seen it all in terms of technology, yet another new shiny item is unveiled to us and the same holds true for the future of web development.

It feels like only yesterday we were being told to ensure our websites were optimised for mobile over desktop use, develop better quality extensions and focus on voice search. But tomorrow is a whole other level! 

Here at Matrix, we like to stay up to speed and beyond so that our customers get the best services and benefit from all these thrilling advancements, rather than lagging behind feeling lost and confused. 

7 Predictions for The Future of Web Development

1. AI (Artificial Intelligence)

We will see AI (Artificial Intelligence) becoming way more popular. Chatbots powered with AI will keep improving communications with the website visitor, doing way more than answering simple questions and sending the customer to talking with a human client assistant. Depending on who is visiting the website, because of AI and user imaging, the interface could completely change and provide a holistic, personalised experience for the user. This, combined with voice search and personalised content will make the website a truly customisable experience for each web visitor. 

2. TypeScript 

TypeScript is a superset of the JavaScript language, meaning it can handle robust software and easily deploy a regular JavaScript application. It has better development-time tool support, and brings developers with a C# and Java background together with JavaScript. 

3. Single Page Web Applications

These are JS web-based applications that allow easier page loading. These apps work inside the browser and don’t require page reloading during use. An example would be Facebook or Twitter, and we expect many websites will begin to develop web apps in this manner in the future as there is less code to trawl through.

4. Blockchain

Rather than taking payments online via PayPal or bank transactions on your website, we expect blockchain will allow for small businesses to make secure contract signing and payments online without the middleman requirement. 

5. Internet of Behaviour

The IoB is linked with the Internet of Things in that the data produced from people who interact with their devices can show their behaviour patterns and what they do in certain situations online. Businesses are becoming better with tech at figuring out where exactly in the buying cycle people are and how they can position their products so people will buy them. They can use this information to strategically place their products in front of people – but may have to put up warnings similar to gambling websites because if they know when people are vulnerable or most likely to buy, it can be a cause of concern for those who might be addicted to shopping. 

6. Progressive Web Apps

These are web apps that have traditional web app characteristics but have the appearance of a mobile app. They must meet the criteria of being reliable, fast and engaging. They let browsers compete with app stores and installers without downloading an app. They must have HTTPS (be secure), have a JSON manifest file with the metacrap and include a service worker. Examples of progressive web apps are Uber and Instagram.

7. Push Notifications for Web Apps

Push notifications are a great way to remind your customers about your web services. They are made available to web apps through using a service worker (a script running in the background), and work in the same way we receive notifications from apps on our phones. Imagine your website app being able to send notifications to potential customers?! 


It certainly is an exciting time for the Internet and web development, as new technologies and robots become interlinked with online activity. If your business can benefit from these new advancements, why not reach out to our developers at Matrix Internet. We are more than happy to discuss these projects and take on new challenges that will take your business to the next level. 


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