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halloween ideas

5 Halloween ideas to make your digital marketing spooktacular!

Aaaahhh, Halloween! That ghostly part of the year when we all get excited by the thought of trick or treats, scary decorations, loads of barmbrack and, of course, monstrous puns. Ireland, as the place where the holiday originates from, is no different. Although it’s connected with the Samhain Celtic tradition, when the end of the […]


Template or Bespoke Web Design?

When you start or expand a business, you have a million questions to answer. You need a business plan and a digital marketing plan. Of course, you also need a website. The question is, what kind? Which type of website will do your brand the most good for the least money? Can you get away […]


The Google Menagerie: Understanding SEO and Google Updates

Why does Google keep making updates? Google is undoubtedly the biggest and best search engine in the world. Google stays at the top of the search engine hierarchy by presenting results in order of their relevance and quality. This means that they try to make sure you have the most efficient experience possible when you […]

is seo dead?

Is SEO Dead?

In some circles, people are saying that SEO is dead as a marketing strategy.  They are saying that Google has killed it.  Don’t bother with keywords, some in the industry insist, it’s a waste of time.  Are they right?  Or are they just doing it wrong? Google has definitely tried and partially succeeded in killing […]

business blog

How Can You Boost Your Business Blog?

Your business blog can be a powerful tool.  It’s often potential customers’ first impression of your brand. It is the port of entry to your sales funnel.  Unlike your more static website, your blog is ever changing and (hopefully!) up to the minute and topical.  Your blog can make an enormous difference to your bottom […]


What Do Search Engines Want?

The difficulty with search engines is that they never tell you clearly what they precisely want. They hint. You get rewarded when you when you get it right. They change their algorithms without notice. It can be difficult to keep track of the ever changing landscape of SEO. Find out more about SEO services You want […]

blogging for seo

What Size Blog Fits Your Audience?

Does size matter?  When it comes to blogging, it does – but not as much as quality.  Well written, useful, engaging content should always be the top priority.  But with that as a given, what length is optimum?  Research by Orbit Media has shown that blog posts are getting longer.  More are passing the 1,000 […]


Marketing Your Irish Business

Online businesses based in Ireland can gain a home game advantage by reminding their local customers that they are a local business, and Irish businesses selling internationally can also benefit from the country’s generally positive image.  In a world of bland multinational corporations, having an identity can help you stand out.  But that doesn’t mean […]

guest blogging

The Benefits Of Guest Blogging

Providing blog articles for another blog and inviting others to write for your blog offers many benefits.  With the right match, it is a true win-win.  That’s something to keep in mind if you are considering inviting someone to write a post for your blog.  They benefit too.  It’s more than an ego boost to […]


How to Have Happier, More Productive Staff

First, let’s be clear that happier staff and more productive staff are not mutually exclusive.  Employees don’t generally develop better working habits through being made miserable at work.  Make an effort to make them happier at work, and that in and of itself is likely to boost productivity.  But how to make them happy?  Relax, […]

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