Search Engine Optimisation: a cursory introduction to SEO

What is SEO and why is it important?

Those of us who lack IT backgrounds tend to approach most aspects of web development and technology with something like hesitation—this only worsens when acronyms like PPC, CPM, CPA, and SEO appear out of nowhere. Before you reach for that novelty stress ball on your desk though, take a few deep breaths—this article will explain SEO, the role it plays in your online presence, and how Matrix Internet optimises SEO to work for you.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation—you can tailor your website to improve your SEO and boost your online visibility and traffic. When an intrepid surfer of the net googles something, they usually stick to the first page—maybe the second—of Google results and don’t click through the subsequent pages of results. If your website’s SEO isn’t great, it risks getting buried in the many pages of Google results, which means less visibility and diminished online traffic.

What can I do to improve my SEO?

Improving SEO takes time and patience – some trial and error are involved and it can take a few tries before you get it right. Because of how sensitive SEO is, doing your research first is key – an initial report of how visible your site is online will show you what needs to be improved and what your competition looks like.

One way to improve your website’s SEO is through keyword research and optimisation. Keywords are extremely important in ensuring that your site is a top search result—search engines try to show the most relevant and credible results near the top page. Using keywords that accurately portray the contents of your site is going to help your site claw its way to the top of the search results. Using tools like Google Analytics and Google Ads, Matrix reevaluates your keyword use and adjusts accordingly to ensure maximal results from your keyword use.

Another way to approach improving SEO is through making a sitemap for your website, or improving the one you currently have. A sitemap is essentially an archive of each webpage on your website. As search engines try to only present the most relevant results possible, search engines want to check out the nooks and crannies of websites to ensure that they are giving the best possible results first. If your sitemap is easily located by the search engine, it’s easier for the search engine to find everything on your site and ensure that your site is a credible and relevant search result.

How can I boost my site’s online traffic?

If you want to learn more about SEO, check out this Beginner’s Guide to SEO, it’s very clear, concise, and informative. Contact the SEO wizards at Matrix today to learn how we can help boost your site’s SEO. We’ll help your site climb through Google’s results rankings and claim your spot at the top.

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