The Client:

Athena Advisers

The Brief

In the summer of 2016 Matrix were tasked with improving the organic traffic levels of Athena Advisers, the international sales network & property investment experts, through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Athena Advisers specialises in attractive new-builds and renovation development projects in key prime markets from the French Alps to Mauritius. They had launched an attractive new website in late 2015 and they wanted to bring traffic to it in greater quantities in order to maximise its potential. Due to the nature of the international property market, they required a strong presence across many regions and covering three different languages in English, French and Portuguese.

The Solution

Our first port of call was to conduct a full SEO audit of the website in order to identify what could be done to improve performance.

We quickly established that the site was plagued by technical mobile issues, not necessarily visible to the human eye, but nonetheless causing Google to take a dim view of the mobile version of the site. We identified and resolved these items and over a 6-month period organic mobile traffic grew by 193% and continues to go from strength-to-strength.

One of the most important SEO ranking measures is Domain Authority (DA), which is a measure out of 100 of a website’s backlink profile. The higher a website’s DA, the more likely it is to rank well. We found that Athena’s domain authority was very low when Matrix first began working on the account and through disavowing negative, spammy backlinks pointing to the website, the DA quickly grew by 25%. The site’s performance across Search Engines grew as a result.

Since this, a backlink creation campaign was launched in order to further improve the website’s backlink structure and climb up the rankings on Google.

Duplicate content issues were harming the website as well as a high volume of pages lacking meta tags and large quantities of images not containing optimised alt attributes. These issues were present across the website’s three languages. Resolving these issues played a part in the website’s general upsurge in SEO traffic.

Overall, SEO traffic to Athena has grown by 83% in the time we’ve been working to improve organic traffic levels.

Key Actions

  • 1. Full SEO evaluation
  • 2. Improve technical SEO issues on mobile
  • 3. Disavow negative, spammy backlinks
  • 4. Resolve duplicate content issues
  • 5. Tag all pages and images on the website
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The Client: Athena Advisers
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Unlike other web development companies I've dealt with before, Matrix always respond quickly and positively to any feature or design changes we need done to the site. Being able to have things implemented in a timely manner allows us to develop ideas and marketing plans and have them in place at the right times. Also, being able to work with them on digital marketing ideas and processes takes a lot of pressure off us to work out the mine field that online marketing can be.

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