The Information Lab

The Brief

The Information Lab is a data consultancy company at the cutting edge of visualisation and analysis — unlocking meaning and helping companies and professionals worldwide make sense of their data.

Mark Twain once coined the phrase “Lies, damned lies and statistics”. The reputation of statistics and data has undergone a huge transformation in recent years, with most progressive companies now prioritising it as a key ingredient for growth. The Information Lab has been at the forefront of this area, providing thought leadership and insightful strategies for their clients across the world.

But after years of developing innovative solutions for clients, they realised that information about their own strengths was locked behind an outdated website. It was time for The Information Lab to tell their own story, through an attractive and user friendly website.

They needed a new platform that mirrored their design-thinking methodology — an online hub that showcased their solutions, products and learning experiences, and introduced potential clients to the possibilities of embracing a data-driven culture.
Matrix collaborated closely with key TIL stakeholders throughout the project, from the first user experience discovery workshop, to regular meetings and milestone reappraisals throughout the year.

This was ground-up transformation, with Matrix committing to a custom design and development phase, along with a full web content rewrite on every page. We followed The Information Lab’s brief that they didn’t merely want a product-focused site, but an experiential learning hub in itself. The content strategy encourages user engagement, with a new Content Management System that allows staff to update the site, and informative content helping users to identify where they are on their data journey.

The Information Lab’s suite of services and products is now presented within a rewarding user experience — vibrant custom design, graphics and icons worthy of a design-focused organisation, with useful summaries of data visualisation and analysis software such as Alteryx and Tableau.
The new site is an experiential portal where users can finally learn all about The Information Lab — and also learn about the ever-evolving field of data analysis.

Key Features

  • 01
    Modern, striking design with custom graphics and icons that incorporate The Information Lab’s branding colour palette;
  • 02
    Navigation — where to go, what do I need? — all covered by a well thought-out navigation menu that guides and informs simultaneously;
  • 03
    Streamlined interface, optimised with generous use of white space and a learning-focused user journey;
  • 04
    Full web content rewrite — crystallising complex concepts into engaging, inclusive language;
  • 05
    Valuable information for the user — from industry updates in the newly-created blog, to software support, data concepts and more;
  • 06
    Fully responsive on all devices.


To unlock the company’s own information and strengths with a new UX-driven platform.

  • Align The Information Lab’s online presence with its reputation for excellence in data visualisation;
  • To present TIL’s products, services and learning experiences within the holistic concepts of a data-driven culture;
  • Streamline the process for users to analyse where they are on their data journey, before approaching The Information Lab for a solution.


A collaborative UX-led project led by innovation in design, development and content strategy.

  • Detailed UX discovery workshops to identify user groups, client goals, rebranding and messaging;
  • Sitemap and wireframes created for key pages, approved and finalised by the client;
  • Development phase — coding of all website elements;
  • Web content developed concurrently with other phases — with approval by key stakeholders for optimal messaging;
  • Extensive QA process before official website launch.


A modern, visually striking online hub for The Information Lab that finally makes sense of their own data through effective storytelling.

  • A future-facing site that incorporates The Information Lab’s main pillars — learning, products, support and data-driven advocacy;
  • Enhanced brand identity and unified messaging to potential clients;
  • More streamlined and integrated experiential learning section;
  • Powerful branding tool for The Information Lab’s future growth.