Society of Chartered Surveyors

The Brief

The Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland has a “unified vision for the Irish property sector”, and this goal has to start with a concise and consistent message. They needed a new website to make an impact with their audiences, and Matrix helped them open more doors in the industry.

As always, we approached this development project with a User Experience (UX) design thinking mindset. Through a comprehensive, collaborative discovery workshop phase, we set out to streamline the user journey by removing jargon, designing simple and functional calls to action, and educating with clarity.

This was all achieved through creating a site that appealed to the wide variety of users we identified, and researching and tailoring the user journeys of the following groups:

  • The 4,000+ Society members;
  • Potential members;
  • Students;
  • Media;
  • The general public.

The new site is now an essential portal for specialised industry updates, as well as general information and a more streamlined application process.
The UX was refined even further by incorporating their members’ platform in Microsoft Dynamics, and creating a new centralised system for storing and administration of all member accounts.

We integrated with the MS Dynamics API, and transformed the site by offering:

  • A single sign on solution, so members can use their existing central credentials to access their profile and amend details;
  • Functionality for editing their central profile details stored in Dynamics via a login area on the website, without having to log in to a 3rd party system;
  • Streamlined payroll system through fetching member invoices in Dynamics;
  • Public profiles of SCSI members to site visitors;
  • A new filtered member search facility for visitors.

Key Features

  • 01
    Modern, striking design with stylised images and graphics the incorporate the SCSI branding colour palette
  • 02
    Streamlined interface, optimised with generous use of white space and custom icons;
  • 03
    New efficient CMS replaces previous two-platform system;
  • 04
    Inclusive messaging for all identified audiences;
  • 05
    Fully mobile responsive and optimised for all platforms.


To design a more inviting and inclusive platform for the SCSI.

  • Raise the online presence of the SCSI and its messaging to a wide variety of user groups;
  • Develop a consistent content strategy, removing jargon while still remaining a source of specialised information;
  • Streamline the whole user experience, from research and corporate messaging, to applications.


A UX transformation led by collaborative design thinking.

  • Comprehensive discovery workshops to identify a wide range of user groups and client’s rebranding and messaging;
  • Custom graphic design and image layout, with well-defined sub-sections for different audiences;
  • Complex amalgamation of two separate platforms, including incorporation of complex Microsoft Dynamics members platform.
  • Roll-out of the customised website.


A streamlined portal with simplified functionality, content and information.

  • Enhanced brand identity and unified messaging to all users;
  • Simplified, streamlined CMS, with increased staff confidence and agency — key stakeholders can update the site;
  • Increase in conversions since site launch.