The Brief

Procloud are a leading Irish IT services company who provide cloud, managed and traditional IT solutions to improve the productivity and efficiency of businesses all over Ireland. Naturally, they needed a website that could convey their huge range of services clearly and concisely, and to gain the trust of potential clients. Matrix helped reassure these prospective customers with a new website that offers a streamlined and rewarding User Experience (UX).

For a company offering transformative IT services, frictionless and intuitive user navigation is essential. After UX discovery workshops, we focused chiefly on how to showcase a lot of information without overwhelming visitors, and to motivate those visitors to become loyal customers.

We developed a new site with minimalist graphics, a consistent colour scheme and generous white space. We optimised the UX with simple, easily navigable menus and specific, clear language on the benefits of each service. To ensure visitors aren’t overwhelmed, each page is hierarchically presented, with a snappy ‘headline’ benefit of the service clearly set at the top of the page, and more detailed information upon scrolling down.

To further reassure potential customers, we included profiles of key Procloud stakeholders, testimonials from clients, a list of their leading global technology partners and an industry news blog. We also featured numerous photos of the Procloud team at work, to add friendly faces to their essential services.

Key Features

  • 01
    Engaging, minimalist graphic design;
  • 02
    Focus on intuitive UX with easily navigable menu system;
  • 03
    Calls to action designed to convert;
  • 04
    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO);
  • 05
    Ample reassurance elements and photos to add a personal touch.


A site that aligns with Procloud’s offer of transforming businesses with their IT services.

  • Clearly showcase all of Procloud’s services without overwhelming the user;
  • Streamlined UX and intuitive menu system;
  • Reassure potential clients that Procloud can deliver on their mission statements.


  • UX discovery workshops;
  • UI design;
  • Develop bespoke website, to include all services as well as news blog, reassuring testimonials and staff profiles.


A rewarding and informative UX that delivers real results for the client.

  • An elegantly designed website that perfectly showcases Procloud’s potential benefits to clients;
  • Increase in visitors;
  • Increase in conversion rate.