Owen Reilly

The Brief

Since 2008, Owen Reilly has been one of Dublin’s most reputable estate agents, but we got a chance to give them a new home with this project. We tore up the blueprints of their old website and our designers and developers created an online platform from the ground up.

The new Owen Reilly site is a modern and elegant new build, with a focus on function, simplicity and usability, which chimes with their ongoing emphasis on streamlined customer service and data-driven research and results. After in-depth collaborative discovery workshops, we opted for a minimalist black and white palette, which enhances the prominent property photos and gives the site a gallery portfolio feel. The buildings aren’t the only stars on view — as a company with a strong belief in team, we made sure all staff members became part of the story, with prominent profiles and friendly faces to greet potential clients.

We considered a quality User Experience (UX) at all levels of the site, from a streamlined user flow to supplementary training so staff can update the site and maintain a standard of excellence once our builders took down the scaffolding and gave them the keys to their new online home.

Key Features

  • 01
    Stong, modern, elegant design with a minimalist presentation that highlights the website’s imagery;
  • 02
    Simple and logical interface for users to glide through;
  • 03
    Chatbot, login portal, and detailed property search functionality;
  • 04
    Emphasis on the whole team with personalised, inviting profiles and group photos — Owen assured us from day one that he didn’t want to be front and centre;
  • 05
    Fully mobile responsive and optimised for all platforms.


To design and develop an engaging and informative new platform for Owen Reilly, highlighting their full range of property services and meticulous customer service and attention to detail.

  • Raise the online presence of Owen Reilly as one of Dublin’s most respected estate agents;
  • Enticing presentation of the client’s property and services;
  • Give the user less work by delivering a winning UX in all areas of the site.


User Experience and enticing design from the ground up — if we build it they will come.

  • Discovery workshops with clearly identified user personas and client goals;
  • Custom graphic design with a well-defined balance of properties, services and the people who make Owen Reilly an industry success story;
  • Content migration and prioritisation;
  • Supplementary staff training before launch of the new site.


A striking new website that gets to the point and puts the customer first.

  • A clear and informative online platform that boosts Owen Reilly’s online presence and combines functionality, simplicity and modern aesthetics;
  • Increased conversions since site launch;
  • Increased staff confidence through an enhanced online home and extra training.