The Brief

The Mayo, Sligo and Leitrim Education and Training Board is the leading provider of education and training in the region, with a strong community-focused vision.

The MSLETB educates and trains 30,000 children, young people and adults at their schools, training centres, youthreach centres and further education centres.
The board needed a new modern, youth-focused website that was user-friendly and spoke directly to students and trainees in the region. We responded with an engaging platform that captures their online brand and presents all of their opportunities in an enticing way.

To reflect MSLETB’s dynamic environments we chose strong imagery and video from their various learning and training centres, matched with an engaging content strategy throughout. The site now offers a streamlined and logical user journey, and a hassle-free route to all of MSLETB’s services. It’s faster and easier to navigate, and future-proofed so staff can update the site without calling for external help.

In helping develop this new online platform, we’re happy to have been a part of MSLETB’s ongoing drive towards excellence in the region.

Key Features

  • 01
    Custom graphic design with custom icons and an inviting colour scheme based on corporate colours — and mobile-first, to appeal to younger users;
  • 02
    Streamlined User Experience (UX), for simple and logical navigation to services, training courses and information;
  • 03
    Prominent photos of real students, trainees and staff, in genuine MSLETB learning environments;
  • 04
    Provided training and templates so MSLETB staff can update the site without external assistance;
  • 05
    Focus on MSLETB’s story, vision and community-driven approach, through mission statements and shared goals.


To create an engaging and informative hub for young people and adults to learn about MSLETB’s essential services.

  • Raise the digital presence of MSLETB as the leading provider of training and education in the region;
  • Capture the eclectic nature of the training and education available;
  • Create a dynamic platform that could be easily updated by MSLETB staff.


A heavy focus on enticing design, clearly laid out information to users and a seamless UX — from workshops and collaboration to live deployment.

  • Discovery workshops on UX, sitemap and a diverse range of personas;
  • Custom graphic design with an emphasis on bold visuals, bespoke icons and engaging photos of staff, students and trainees;
  • Move content from old site and enhance presentation for optimum impact;
  • Deploy bespoke website.


An enticing, informative website that’s easy to navigate.

  • A clearly laid-out presentation of MSLETB’s essential services, training and education;
  • Increased traffic and conversions since deployment;
  • Platform is fully adaptable — staff can easily access and update the Content Management System (CMS) with no need for external help.