Light Up a Life

The Brief

Light Up a Life is an ongoing fundraising campaign for Our Lady’s Hospice, that culminates in an annual special candle ceremony at Christmas. The campaign is a fundraiser for specialist palliative care, complementary therapies and extended care for residents in the hospice’s three locations, Harold’s Cross in Dublin, Blackrock in Dublin and Wicklow.

The Our Lady’s Hospice charity had a primary objective of providing clear and sensitive communication about campaigns, raising awareness and boosting national reach. Through engagement and collaboration between Matrix and Light Up a Life, key stakeholders defined their key objectives at a discovery workshop — to fix issues such as a cluttered interface, a frustrating user journey and unclear messaging.

Matrix listened to these issues and built a new site that is intuitive and accessible to users of all technical abilities.

The campaign to sponsor a light for a missed loved one is now the prominent call to action on the site, and all other news, donation information and campaign ideas are presented in a pleasing and logical manner.

The website now tells a story — we have invited users to join in the journey of remembrance of lost loved ones and making a difference to current service users, through video and images, and clear explanations of how donations are used. Corporate donations are extremely important, so we incorporated a new Logo Wall to thank business patrons.

The site’s yellow and red colour palette was also created to ignite a sense of warmth and an immediate connection to the idea of an eternal flame of remembrance.

Key Features

  • 01
    Excellent UX for simple and intuitive navigation, to suit users of all abilities, including older people;
  • 02
    More prominent CTAs for Light Up a Life’s most important campaigns;
  • 03
    Extra focus on the Light Up a Life’s vision and community-driven approach, with engaging content about service users and campaigns;
  • 04
    Inclusivity is key — corporate donations alongside private donations;
  • 05
    Incorporation of eCommerce platform in the Christmas Shop offering, with direct integration with An Post’s API.


To create a central fundraising and information hub for a much-needed Irish charity.

  • Get the Light Up a Life message across to many target groups nationwide;
  • Provide a secure, reliable, user friendly, robust and intuitive platform for fundraising;
  • Become a valuable hub for sharing information about essential services, and allowing loved ones to share lasting memories.


Streamline the whole user journey, based on thorough UX discovery workshops and listening to client feedback.

  • Discovery workshops with key Light Up a Life stakeholders on UX, new sitemap and a diverse range of personas;
  • Gather feedback from the client to create a list of required new features and functionality;
  • Custom graphic design with an emphasis on simple layout, intuitive navigation and prominent CTAs for donations and campaigns;
  • Extensive testing and QA before launching the new website.


An informative and sensitive website with a clear message, and a vital online platform for raising funds.

  • A clearly laid-out presentation of Light Up a Life’s important campaigns;
  • Greater sense of an online community between service users, donors and campaign organisers;
  • An online tool that complements the work of the fundraising team and which also reflects the positive work of Our Lady’s Hospice;
  • Increased traffic and conversions since website launch.