Ladies GAA - Grant Management Scheme Website

Ladies GAA - Grant Management Scheme

The Brief

Ladies GAA - Grant Management Scheme Website

With the 2019 All-Ireland Senior Ladies’ Football Championship final playing to a record number of fans for the seventh consecutive year, it’s clear that women’s GAA has come a long way.

The three associations — the Camogie Association, Ladies’ Gaelic Football Association and Women’s GAA Player Association (WGPA) — have moved to foster a more unified approach to women’s GAA, and Matrix helped them get the ball rolling by creating an integrated grant management system.

Beyond the record-breaking Croke Park crowds, the new grant management system had to simplify the grant applications for hundreds of grass-roots clubs nationwide, and Matrix has delivered a vastly more efficient, automated process.

Previously, clubs applied through the post and the sporting bodies manually recorded their data in spreadsheets. But claims are now managed via a central online platform, and all administrative tasks are carried out in a few clicks, where possible.

The migration of paper-based and Excel processes to the cloud adds greater security, and the new system automates notifications. It also guarantees maximum flexibility when generating reports, through fully configurable exports.

Delivered services:   UX Design Grant Managment system Website Development

Ladies GAA - Grant Management Scheme Website
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Overall, the new grant management system is vastly more efficient, quick and secure than past processes. We’re happy that we’ve been able to pitch in with these organisations at such an exciting time in the development of women’s sports in Ireland.


Key Features

  • 01
    Fully online application process with automatic notifications and reminders — removing the ambiguity of post claims;
  • 02
    Automatic checks of adherence to rules, thresholds, etc, to reduce application errors;
  • 03
    Application reviews and feedback collection;
  • 04
    Online management of supporting documentation.


A system that combines a user-friendly application process with powerful and efficient administration functionality.

  • Automate existing manual process;
  • Bring paper-based workflow online;
  • Improve efficiency by automating reminders and notifications;
  • Maintain a full audit trail of all actions;
  • Allow for flexible reporting.


Fully automated system with User Experience (UX) and efficiency at its core.

  • Discovery workshop to understand the needs and pain points of all users on both sides of the application process;
  • User Interface (UI) design;
  • Development of a bespoke system, followed by extensive testing;
  • Training of main user groups and creating user-guide documents and videos;
  • Proactive support after deployment.


A powerful fully-integrated system to unite the three sporting bodies.

  • Vastly improved process for applicants and sporting bodies;
  • Increased efficiency and reduction of human error on both sides of the application process;
  • A new central portal for the three organisations to advance development.
  • A dataset that now allows the GAA to get an overview of various aspects of their funding programme.