The Brief

Glennon is one of Ireland’s most respected insurance companies, with a 70-year history of providing expert solutions for individuals, families and businesses. In recent years they felt the need to invest in their own future-proofing project, and the best policy was trusting Matrix to deliver a new website.


From our very first meeting and user experience workshops we knew their main goal for the project — to transfer their famous personal touch and engaging in-person manner to their online presence, and drive engagement and leads.

Before we started, they told us their site was a confusing, bulky experience with dated, static visuals and no engaging qualities. They wanted to be covered with a streamlined, user-focused platform designed around customer needs.

The Glennon team opted for a transformative project — a custom design and development, complemented by a fully optimised content strategy and rebranding throughout the site. The mobile-first site is now a vibrant portal into Glennon, with intuitive navigation for B2B and B2C leads, clearly laid out departments and policies, and impactful and reassuring calls to action.


Glennon pride themselves on balancing expertise with a friendly manner, and our copywriters finally helped them achieve this with their online voice — enticing more people to call for an expert insurance solution.


Key Features

  • 01
    Vibrant custom design and rebranding, with new company logo, bespoke icons and images
  • 02
    New engaging content throughout site, balancing clear policy information with Glennon’s story in context
  • 03
    Streamlined user journey — condensed presentation of information
  • 04
    Powerful WordPress content management system (CMS), with staff trained in updating the site
  • 05
    Fully mobile responsive and optimised for all online platforms


To turn an outdated, confusing site into an engaging online platform that inspires confidence in staff and potential clients.

  • To create an online experience that provides the convenience levels required by tech-savvy insurance customers in 2022
  • To develop a unified message and consistent visual tone online
  • To streamline a huge amount of information and offer a rewarding user journey
  • To attract more leads through well-placed calls to action and reassuring content


From engaging content to visual rebranding, a transformation through UX design-led thinking.

  • UX discovery workshops to map out project and branding goals
  • Benchmarking and research process to identify best practice worldwide in the insurance sector
  • Sitemap and design templates created and finalised with client
  • Developing new content strategy for whole site, with approval and sign-off at numerous stages
  • Development of fully bespoke CMS, with training to key Glennon stakeholders before live launch


A modern online platform that a prestigious insurance company can be proud of.

  • A website that Glennon can be proud of, which crystallises the reputation of a long established company within an ultra modern appearance
  • More effective portal for generating leads through engaging messaging
  • Full visual rebrand that’s designed to last
  • Glennon team empowered through training in CMS maintenance and updating